Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taoist Shapeshifting Technique (聚氣煉形)

The above picture shows the born of a new self through Taoist meditation process. This new self is shown as a shinny golden baby that will later grow to the form of a deity. This new form can be summoned for many tasks.

According to Taoist belief, forefathers of shapeshfting are animals. Animals such as fox, weasel and snake are believed to be masters of shapeshift techniques. Human however, can copy these techniques to achieve immortality.

Generally, there are many methods to obtained shapeshifting ability. There are basically four:

1.      Through mantra recitation method

a.       The Balinese leak, Malay weretigers, Thai Phi Phop, Tibetan, Bonpo and Indian japa yoga are some typical examples. The practitioner will achieve so called ‘siddhi’ or mantric accomplishment upon completion of 100,000 times of mantra recitations.

2.      Through hypnotic power

a.       This can be achieved through hypnotism and it is only mind matters.

3.      Through spirit possession

a.       This is a very primitive shamanic technique where a power animal possesses the body of a shaman. In this case, the shaman will fall into a trance.

4.      Through the accumulation of Chi energy

a.       This is Taoist’s secret practice rarely discussed in public, and there are a few practices involved:

                                                              i.      Accumulation of Chi through talismans

                                                            ii.      Accumulation of Chi through meditation

                                                          iii.      Shapeshift through Chi alchemy

                                                          iv.      Auxiliary practices:

·         Absorbing sun and moon energy

·         Absorbing the energy of the trees

·         Absorbing the Yin energy of the dead

·         Absorbing the energy of animals

·         Absorbing the energy of stars

Let us explore the accumulation of Chi through meditation and alchemical process first as an example:

First sit cross-legged and meditate at an area about three inches above your head. Keep your awareness there. Breathe in and breathe out and imagine there is a small golden ball about one inch in diameter. You must perform this exercise until you can really see the ball. Now observe what the color of this ball is, the color of the ball must be golden.

Once you have reached this stage, then move the golden ball around, make it expand and contract as your will.

When you are comfortable in that, think of a shape that you would like it to be. You can choose the form of a deity for example. Now make this shape big, as big as yourself. When this thoughtform is unified with your body; you can change into any shape you like. Once you have mastered this technique, you can use this Chi for achieving invisibility, distance travel and shapeshift. But do not change shape too often as it will drain away your energy. As a general rule, you may only change shape once a week.

The above is only an overview of Taoist shapeshift exercise for your reading pleasure.


  1. This will take years of practice right? Since creating the golden ball is not easy for the first time :P and one more thing is this physical shapeshifting or just an illusion?

    1. Hmm... it takes around 1 year or so ;-)

      It is a matter of fact, as in weretiger; this is the shapeshifting of thoughtform energy. Hence it is at first an illusion body. Having said so, once the Chi gets so strong; then the physical body can transform into Chi body. if a Taoist dies, what ppl see is the body of the Taoist and not the deity.

  2. Anymore taoist articles would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much Mr Liew. Im going to try this and will make sure to post any experiences back here :-)

  3. How do you go back to the original shape once you have attained the desired shape>