Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Javanese Keris Collection

Keris collection is very popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. In ancient times, keris used to be weapon for self-defense. Now keris becomes symbol of power and has become objects of collections. Some people believe that ancient keris house khodams and different type of keris has different functions. There are many types of keris with different names, I am not an expert in keris so I will not be able to tell you the differences between keris.

Below are three very interesting keris in my collection, given by friends during quite unexpected occasions:

The above is an old keris, there is a 'hole' towards the hilt. I called it the smiling and angry keris as one side of the face seems to be smiling and the other side of the face with wide open eye as if scolding people.

This is the most interesting keris in my collection. It is said to be from a royal pawang from Java and  has a fragrance smell, looks very ancient as it is almost black in colour.. Sorry for my foto taking but I guess you can sense the presense. I seen a princess dressed in yellow gown. My friend says she is 875 years old and her name is Puteri Nasuha.

This is yet another interesting keris. said to be of the same origin of the above. To me its body seems to be a big head jinn or a trisula. It also has fragrance similiar to Jasmine.

Vicky gave me the reading for this khodam:

- The being in this Keris is a male warrior. He wears headband with purple stone on the 3rd eyes region. He was a warrior during the reign of the Sailendara Dynasty during the time of building Borobudur.

- He died at the age of 35 years old and being binded into this Keris at the year of 865.

- The being has influenced of Hinduism, Buddhism and native Javanese (Kejawen)

- Both of his wrist wear metal hand cuff warrior bangle.

- His right hand holds a trident

- His left hand holds a spear

- He has strong muscles on his body

- His height is 7 feet.

If you can sense any presence of the keris, kindly do let me know. I learnt more on them as time gets by :)))

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  1. Very nice pieces you have there, Mr Liew. The third one has an interesting blade. Would love to see them up close and personal. :)