Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guru Yoga In SEA Magic Traditions

First, allow me to perform a short supplication:


In the neck of the white forehead snow-capped mountain,


In the garden that exhibits all merits,


To the yogin that has achieved enlightenment,

Longchen Rabjampa大師做祈請,

I beseech to the great master Longchen Rabjampa,


May I receive the blessing to  achieve the enlightenment of the heart.

The above is a supplication to Guru Longchen Rabjampa. This is my opening supplication prior to my meditation practices. Guru Longchenpa is a great Tibetan Ningmapa scholar who has produced many great works, the ‘Seven Treasures’. This work explains the practice of the Great Perfaction.

As in the Tibetan Buddhism, guru holds a very important in any of the SEA magic traditions.

In the Thai magic systems, the Wai Kru (teacher’s) supplication is also done to invoke the blessing of the lineage masters. Lersi is normally evoked before any magical ritual together with guru or longpo of the past.

The practice of Kejewen also put the guru on the top list, the practice of Asma Sungei Rajeh in addition requires the practitioner receive direct instruction from the master, hence the direct empowerments. This is the same case with all other Al-Hikmah practices in this blog.

There is another type of guru; I call this the “guru by the manual”. This type of guru basically just throws you an incomplete manual of broken lineage and asks for a fairly high price.

It is a free world, but do beware when you receive a message that says:

“Hi bro,

Are you interested in necromantic rituals?

I am a practitioner of Taoist/Thai/Balinese/Malay magic system.

May be we can ‘share’ our knowledge and manual?


Sounds familiar?

Not only you will not get the blessing, but what follows is the bad luck due to no support from the proper lineage guardians.

Something for us to think about J.

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