Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Secret Of White String

If you are a frequent Thai blessing ceremonies participant, then you will be familiar with this scene:

You attended a Thai temple blessing ceremony (outside Thailand), and the monk tie a piece of yellow string or seven color strings on your wrist as blessing. But do you also notice that white string is also used for blessing from a senior to a junior person? I have not seen this in Malaysia, so I think this custom is for local Thai only and not meant for tourists.

Besides the above, white string is also used in ceremonies such as house blessing, the making of amulets, Buddha statue blessing etc. You will see on the ceremonial site, a piece of white string is dropped directly to the seat of the participant. It is indeed an amazing view for a big site. The purpose of this string is meant to transfer the benefits of the blessing directly down to each of the participant. You might scorn off such an idea, but the locals have 100% faith on them.

These white stringss will be cut into small pieces after the completion of the blessing ceremony and given to the needed visitors.

As a side note, I was told that it is a Thai’s custom during your graduation, marriage or travelling, the senior will bring you to a temple to be blessed by a monk and then tie a white string on your wrist as a blessing for safety and happiness. Well this white string is as a general rule, taken from prior blessing ceremonies.

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