Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deva Yakong Initiation Ritual

Deva Yakong is a very controversial character. It is said to be a naga king, but I suspect that someone has beautify it for his own purposes. The person who taught this ritual to me refers Deva Yakong to be originated from Sikkim, but the incantation seems to be of Balinese origin.

I have experimented with it and found out that this is a new age stuff so I posted here for your reference. Although there are people charging for a high price with various rituals related to Deva Yakong, basically it is sufficient just to recite the main mantra and put forward my request verbally.

But first thing first, the initian ritual:

  1. Get yourself seven small pieces of mutton.
  2. Go to an isolated seaside where you will not be disturbed or attract any attentions.
  3. Now stand infront of the waves, and hold the seven pieces of mutton in your left hand.
  4. Take a deep breathe and take a small piece of mutton with your right hand, recite the Deva Yakong main mantra 7x and then throw a piece of mutton into the sea water.
  5. Repeat the ritual for all the seven pieces of muttons.
  6. Give thanks to Deva Yakong and wash your hands.
If you really perform the ritual, then all that I ask is that inform me of your experience. After I have collected enough feedback, I will post the complete Deva Yakong worship ritual for your reference. It is my hope that no one will need to spend money on this character unnecessary any more.

Last but not least, I have to caution you that this ritual is not without risk. So, practise this at your own risk.

Yakong Supreme Mantra:

“Rayanamenbu Yakong!

Rang sa gin ni va

Berjaiya saiya

Livaligatva bagatliva

Suga aku orang latang

Sama sama




  1. I am a student of yakong ... Something that you post here is just a part... And very dangerous . I learn this and it change my life .. Those is not a full note please don't try .... It can make a person life upside down

    1. Yakong is a new age Bali system. My life is still well and ok... Of course, I am practising Hayagriva and Garuda sadhana myself.

  2. Power come in a price ....
    Nothing is free ....
    Mantra is a key....
    But a wrong key will go to wrong room...

    My life is much better ...
    But if you are very kind ......
    Show all to ppl ....
    Yakong manual have a healing part ...
    Yakong have increased power like Mao san ....
    Show all is call free ....
    Thanks for showing ......

    1. Yakong manual is a fake. Throw it away brother and you will live happier.

  3. And I forget there is a system call kunung kiwi .... Is easy and can break most spell easily .....

    If you have more info let us know a fan from tour blog

  4. Where do we find out more information about the full ritual?