Friday, July 6, 2012

Mandi Bunga: Flower Bath

‘Mandi bunga’ or ‘flower bath’ is a popular cleansing ritual in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It is believed to carry the elements of dynamism and Hindu-Buddhism.

Dynamism is the believe of a ‘spirit’ inside human, animal, plants, living things, words being pronounced or written, recorded signs etc. In anthropology, this is also known as ‘mana’ taken from Polynesia tribe. This is known as ‘sahala’ by the Batak, ‘kesakteri’ or kesaktian by the Javanese; while the Malays address mana as ‘semangat’.

In Hindu belief, the plants have many uses in rituals in everything undertaken. Lime works to expel ghosts and demons, while the round-oval shape represents the world as the 'chakra' in a macrocosm in occultisme Hindu philosophy.

The purpose of flower bath ritual is normally meant to remove bad luck, to ward off spirits and subsequently increase a person’s aura in the hope to attract luck. It is believed that the leaves, flowers (7 pieces for Malay, 5 pieces for Thai), lime coupled with prayers will produce ‘mana’ that can attract the desired results. There are many variety of flower bath ritual in South-East Asia.

A Traditional Flower Bath Ritual:

1.      Sundal Malam (Polianthes tuberose)

2.      Mawar (Rose)

3.      Cempaka (Magnolia champaca)

4.      Bunga Kenanga (Ylang flowers)

5.      Bunga Tanjung (Mimusops elengi)

6.      Bunga Melur (Jasmine)

7.      Bunga kesidang (canangrium scortechinii )

The 7 types of flowers are dismembered and entered into a container filled with water; add 7 drops of non-alcohol perfume. After that recite:

1.      Bismillah

2.      Selawat

3.      Ayat Kursi 3x

4.      Four Qul

5.      Surah Al-Nur

Stir the water while performing the above prayer.

Leave this flower water over night. Take the bath early at dawn. After taking the flower bath, it is customary to take the dawn bath ready for prayer.

This ritual is best to be performed during full moon.


  1. Hi bro, i just tested this and wow! All prasies to allah! I had a bad dream just before having the bath and i had fever before having it, now im fine! Thanks bro for your work again! My allah bless u!

    1. Hi nas, yup. This is an extremely useful method to remove unwanted spirits. My frien's workier slept until 3pm everyday and refused to work. His wife came to me for help. I only ask her to give her husband a flower bath. And presto! The next day he turned up to work at 10am. There still many traditional secrets that we should try to salvage as far as we can :)

    2. Hi bro, just to ensure myself, the members area is not updated since the Ilmu KOfti right?

    3. Hi nas, yes. I am collecting the rituals necessary for publishing. Mean while, pls check out d public ones first.

    4. No worries bro, take care!

    5. The 4 quls:

      Surah Al-Kafiroun
      Surah Al-Falaq
      Surah Al-Ikhlas
      Surah An-Nas

    6. thank you, very beautiful spiritual cleaning technique

  2. Nice info. I always take my Mandi Bunga with Master Sribala in Singapore. It is very good cleansing session, that really awakens your senses, chakras and even keep me glowing. A traditional cleansing technique that is well designed.

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