Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Teaching Of Mat Kilau

Who is Mat Kilau?

Mat Kilau is a legendary Malay warrior during colonial era in Malay Peninsular during late 1880. He was the son of local Malay Chief Imam Perang Rasu (or sometimes called Tok Gajah). He is one of the Malay warriors who rebelled against British rule to Pahang between the 1880s and 1890s. Mat Kilau was born in 1847 in Kampong Pulau Tawar, Jerantut, Pahang. He learnt the Malay art of self-defense from his own father after his marriage. Mat Kilau started the rebellion against the British imperialism when he was 44 years old. This was happened after British attacked at Kampong Budu on the Lipis River.

Mat Kilau and associates were also responsible for the Lubuk Terua war where they attacked a police post set up by British. Mat Kilau ambushed and killed five British soldiers at the security post. After the incident, more British soldiers were despatched but received the same fate. Following this incident, Sir Hugh Clifford put him on the top of the wanted list. Then Mat Kilau had to flee to Kelantan and Terengganu. He changed his names several times like Mat Siam, Mat Dahan and Mat Dadu. Mat Kilau died on August 1970, at his home Kampong Batu 5. He died at the age of 122 years old.

Besides a silat exponent, Mat Kilau was also an expert in mantra, isim prayers, spell and curses. It is believed that Mat Kilau employed them for protection and to defeat his enemy. His personal note book was later published into a book title “Kitab Mat Kilau”.

Below ritual is taken from Kitab Mat Kilau for your peruse:

The Stare Of Adversary

We should imagine Alif Lam is encircling the nose with both legs of lam goes up on both sides of our brows, then the lam emitting golden lights then imagine that the Alim is on our forehead and also the complete word of Allah together with sabdu sign. After that we imagine ourselves are inside the compound of lam and Alif, and the Alif is as if in front.


  1. hai mr liewsp1, is there any way for anybody to get this kitab? i've heard about it so many times but was unable to get any copies. do you mind sharing?


    1. Let me find out ... I hv seen it somewhere, it is in Jawi script.