Monday, July 9, 2012

A Thai Oil Lamp Ritual

Oil lamps are used across religions for various rituals. Some people believe that the power of the magic is in its oils, I am indifferent. My Thai magic pal spent a few thousands of SGD looking for oil lamp magic in Chiang Mai but still cannot get the ritual so he can only jump. So I am sharing some of the information in this post for your reading pleasure while my pal is continue searching … and cursing. J:

Below are some of the fuels used to light the lamp according to various purposes:

1.      Ghee – for general puja, pacification and purification.

2.      Coconut oil – for the sun energy, for amour, for cursing.

3.      Sesame oil – for healing.

4.      Animal oils – for annihilation, destruction, black magic.

In Buddhist rituals, oil lamp only serves as an offering of light. But the Vedic rituals are more particular with the type of oils used. But in Thai magic, oil lamp can be used to ‘pull’ a spirit out from a possessed person.

The oil lamp ritual proper:

1.      Pray to Buddha, Lersi and your guardian.

2.      Prepare an oil lamp with ghee, you will need a bowl of water, a magic knife.

3.      Let the patient lay face up.

4.      Put the oil lamp in a line with his/her head, and the bowl of water in a line with the feet.

5.      Sit in front of the water bowl; strike the hilt of the magic knife onto the floor while chanting the mantra of the 5 elements.

6.      After a while the patient’s body may shake, tremble etc.

7.      Perform the chanting until the patient is calm and feeling ok, or until the ghee is completely burnt down.

8.      If there is surplus ghee in the lamp, then it is best to repeat the ritual.

9.      Give thanks to the lineage masters.

Does it worth few thousands of SGD and a storm of feet? I got it FOC. You decide.

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