Thursday, July 12, 2012

Conjuration Of Buto Ijo (Green Giant)

This type of spirit is very popular amongst the Javanese shaman for hastening of getting big money and material richness.

When we are negotiating our business, they will make our competitors confuse to our advantage. When we wanted to sell our house, car etc. they will help us to get the maximum profits. If we are seller, then buto ijo will attract as many potential customers to our premises and not the competitors. Buto ijo can also act as our supernatural guard against the stealing of toyol.

It is a norm that whenever we request the help of spirits on whatever requests, there is a price to pay; big or small. This is the same with buto ijo, they too will ask us to pay a price with either more offerings or with lives. Even in the supernatural world, there is nothing free too. However, due to the competitive business world, the services of buto iju continue to be in demand in this modern era.

I do not advise you to get in touch with buto ijo because most of them have an extremely wild character, erroneous and uncontrollable. But if you just want to prove what and how their lives and how to seek information directly and to have a conversation with them, or want to prove that the unseen world really exists to support the belief in Allah Almighty do as follows:

In order to conjure buto ijo for our purposes, we must choose a god forsaken place far away from human habitation.

The required offerings are:

-          Various flowers

-          Arabic benzoic incense

-          Chinese incense 12 sticks

-          Seven roast chickens

-          A bowl of plain water

-          Perfumes

-          Opium

All of the offerings need to be put into bamboo trays.


Recite the below mantra:

“Aku si (so-and-so), aku teko ngger

 Lengkap karo kakang kawah adi ari-ariku

 Keblat papat limo pancerku yo iku aku

 Tumekaning si jabang bayi

 Buto Ijo kancaku sing bagus

 tak jaluk mreneyo

 Iku aku si (so-and-so)

 Ono sing perlu tak omongke

 Marang awakmu.

 Tak tunggu saiki tekoo mrene…”

Wait until buto ijo come and consume all the offerings. After they are full, then they are prepared to chat with us or do whatever we tell them to do.

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