Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seeing Parasite In Your Aura

A psychic parasite is a freeloader on a person’s aura; it can cause you to have emotional swing often. If you have emotional issues then this may be the work of the freeloader. This is because as when this freeloadeer feeds on your life energy, you will feel agitated but do not know the real cause.

If you want to check if there is any psychic freeloader attached to you or others  then try the below exercise:

First, hold your hand out in front of you.

Look at your hand slowly; concentrate on the brim of your hand only. You should see an energy outline of your hand and your energy hand as well.

When you have seen that...

Then SLOWLY observe the colour...

If done correctly....

You should now be seeing your astral hand. The trick is keep staring at the brim of your hand and you should see the rest of the astral energy when you bring the colours in.

Is this okay at this stage?

Do these exercises until you see your astral body and others’.

When you are successful you should be able to see everything glowing either greyish or greenish but VERY distinctly; if there are any astral creature present you should be able to detect them now.

The effect goes away in about an hour. This is not meant to open your third eye.

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