Friday, June 30, 2017

30 Years Of Magical Life (玄学30载)

Dear All,

I would at this point take a break to recollect more information for the next writing.

30 years period is a long time in our human life and that I think I have enough information to make a conclusion about magic overall.

This post is just to say that I am still out and about perhaps running in forests looking for herbs.

For a change, if you send me emails, I shall try to answer them in this blog openly whenever possible including Feng Shui and Astrology reading requests.

Due to my personal commitments, I cannot promise that I will be able to answer all those mails.

Again, I cannot handle requests for TD empowerment or related requests due to my busy activity schedule.

This blog is not closed and when I feel that I have something to post, it will appear in this blog. If I do post then, it would not be as frequent as before perhaps,

This and other blog materials maybe edited or removed over time as I deemed fit.

As for now, business shall be as usual.

For the time being, please continue to enjoy the material. 

Please feel free to send me suggestions if you so wish desired. If you do write, you can send me mail in English or Chinese.

Last but not least, thank you for visiting.

Best wishes,

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