Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Bedok North Incident (勿洛北区事件)

I have talked about my bizarre incident with lift in Bedok area. Talking about Bedok, Singapore, we should not have missed out mentioning the infamous Block 99, Bedok North Avenue 4 suicide case where a mother threw her toddler down from 25th floor.

Incidentally, this case has become the subject of 'Incredible Tales' a local paranormal series aired a few years ago.

It was said that the husband was seeking divorce because he owed some 'ah long' (illegal loanshark) a lot of money coupled with he was having affair; but the wife refused to a divorce. Consequently the couple engaged in constant quarrels until the wife decided to end her and her toddler's lives together.

This case was classified as suicide by the authority.

The most eerie of the case was that the wife worn her red wedding gown when committing suicide. Although she didn't leave any suicidal notes, she did use her own blood to inscribe one horrible sentence: "Dear, it is not over yet!"

After a while, the husband wanted to sell the flat but there was no taker. Not long after that, his mistress became pregnant. Naturally the she now married to this man and became his wife; and moved into the flat to stay together.

Some time later, when this child reached 3 years old, strange things started to happen...

This 3-year-old kid would start to giggle and play with an imaginary friend. When the maid went to investigate, the kid would be observed to talk and laugh at one corner; and he told the maid that he was playing with his 'brother'. When the father is told about his child's behavior, he just brushed aside that was a child's normal behavior.

On the same night, the kid suddenly walked into the master bedroom and told his father that his 'brother' was bullying him. The man scolded his kid but the kid would not return to his own room.So, they slept together.

A few nights later, the man heard some kid's crying sound coming from his son's room. He thought that crying sound was a little too familiar... it was too close to the crying of his deceased kid.But when the couple went to investigate, they found nothing.

Then one day, a panic cry from the maid brought the parents to the master room. There they saw their only son stood by the brim of the opened window. When the kid saw his parents, he appeared to be very happy and said to his parents: "Goodbye dad, mom! I will fly with bother superman..."

After the final words, the kid gave his parents a flying kiss and off he jumped out of the window; and disappeared from his horrified parents' sighting.

Both the mother and maid immediately fainted...

The next day, when police investigators came to investigate; both of the couples were speechless due to extremely horrified. The police found some writings inscribed with marker pen: "This is for mummy!"

The police has classified the case as unnatural death. Of course the culprit has never been apprehended.

I am not sure if the flat is still empty now. But people in the neighborhood claimed to have heard laughing sound of woman and kid...

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