Monday, June 12, 2017

Your Betrayer: Your Ego

I would laugh out if anyone wanted me to pledge loyalty to him/her because the one who can betray him/her is her own ego and not someone else.

In front of a conman, a person's state of mind is almost naked.

There are very simple conman rules of thumbs or lets just call it the 'Tsun Tzu'  (孙子兵法) method. The rules are simple:

If a person is of high ranking such as doctors, teachers, government officials, praise him/her to make him more arrogant. Defame him to make him angry and make mistakes.

If a person is greedy, then say something that would increase his/her greediness.

If a person is timid, encourage him/her and he/she will make mistake.

If a person is quiet, encourage him/her to talk and he/she shall mistake.

If a person is talkative, refrain him/her from talking.

If a person looks worry, then entice him/her to talk...

In Malaysia, there are many cases where old ladies being corned by so-called hypnotic techniques of all of their lifetime savings because the conman said that they can transform white papers to money, or cure their illnesses.

However illogical this might sound, those old ladies were found consciously withdrew a large sum of money from the bank. Upon inquiry, they would just say that the money was for purchasing houses.
Investigations had found those victims only told partially truth as the conman didn't really master any hypnotic techniques. What the conman has successfully done was they had broken into the victim's ego and 'talked' directly to their ego state which resulting the victims to hand over their hard earn money freely.

Likewise, if I ask a person to hand over his/her money; it would be over his/her dead body. But if I know that the person is looking for quick money, then I can make him/her promises that he/she will get a big sum of return-on-investment; this person will certainly handover his/her money even though I pretend to refuse.

Just a word of caution, be careful of exposing your ego to others. That would be most difficult thing to do I can assure you!

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