Sunday, June 18, 2017

Thou Shall Not Tell Lie (不狂言)

'Thou shall not tell lie' is one of 5 precepts of Buddhist. But Mahayana Buddhist sutras especially the trantric scripture are full of excessive 'exaggerations'. For example most of Buddhist sutra opening would sound something like this:

"At one time, the Buddha was preaching on the mountain top with hundred thousands of monks and gods and demons..."

Hidden within those sutras would be rituals that can do almost anything even to defend enemies from invading a country:

"Recite mantra 100,000 times and burn specific woods for 100,000 and then blow a breath at the enemy direction, the enemy would be defeated automatically..."

Were the above description true as mentioned? The history has the answer for us.

The fact is that those ancient Buddhist kingdoms in India that followed the above doctrine and ritual faithfully were wiped out by other invaders from outside India for good...

If we turn to examine Tantric Buddhism and have another look:

"The dharma protector torma (ritual cake) is very powerful... if it is thrown at the enemy, it will destroy all demons and enemies..."

Can a ritual cake made of flour blow out enemy? 

This is a political and religiously sensitive question, so I would let you look into the history of Tibet proper. History cannot tell lie of course.

Buddhism has gone a long way from India to China and Southeast Asia. Many schools of different views were formed and destroyed. The Buddhism we see today is not the same as the Buddhism preached by the Buddha. Except for 'namo buddhaya' in tantric ritual, we can hardly see traces of the original teaching of Buddha.

Many schools have evolved to be charity organisations now a days..

Think if you will, but please 'do not tell lie'...


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