Friday, June 30, 2017

Revenge Of Banana Spirit (香蕉鬼复仇记)

Perhaps where the Chinese is, the banana spirit follows.

Below banana ghost story had been introduced before by Singapore paranormal show: "Incredible Tales'. For the benefit of those who has missed this series, I would just run through it briefly:

A desperate man heard that it was possible to get 4D lucky numbers by the help of a banana ghost.

So, he went to the forest and found a potential banana plant.Then on the trunk, the man stabbed a pair of iron scissors and then he tied a piece of red string on the handle of the scissors while the other end the other end of the red string is tied on his left middle finger.

After performed what was required, the man just laid down under the banana plant and waited until night fall.

Not long after dark, the man heard a very loud eerie cried came out from the banana plant. A blob of glowing greenish mist was seen emitted from the banana tree which gradually took the shape of a pretty naked young lady.

The lady begged the man to pull out the iron scissors as the scissor was hurting her.

Holding that as ransom, the man requested that the banana ghost to give him sure win 4D lucky numbers to exchange for her freedom and pain relief. And the banana ghost complied.

After satisfying what the man had asked for, he became greedy and continued to press for more 4D numbers but refused to release the banana ghost.

Soon, the man became very rich and due to his arrogance and unscrupulous, he has offended many people.

One of his enemies found the secret to the man's success, the enemy then went to the banana plant and pulled out the rusty iron scissor.

The next day, this rich man was found dead in the most horrible way by his maids. Perhaps the banana ghost has finally sought its revenge after all.

There are a few variations to this story but the ending is the same. The tale I heard is slightly different from the Incredible Tales. 

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