Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Restless Loanshark (不休的大耳窟)

Borrowing money from loansharks would be the worst thing you want to do that I can assure you. It does not matter if you have fully paid your debt or not because they can find all sorts of excuses to ask you to pay several times... even after they are dead!

Ah Long was a fisherman living in Medan, Northern Sumatera. He was also a loanshark who lent out money to the needy city folks.My pal, Budi used to borrow money from him as his interests were quite reasonable unlike those rates charged by Malaysian loansharks.

One day, Ah Long was found drowned in Strait of Malacca. Of course, many of his debtors were happy because they thought following the death of Ah Long, all of their debts will become void.

However, before they can celebrate, Ah Long returned from his grave to haunt the debtors at night...

This ghost would knock on the door of whoever owed him money after midnight in turn. When people opened the door, they would see expressionless and soaking wet Ah Long standing by the front door asking for money.

Ah Long would leave a pool of sea water at the location where he was seen. Many debtors went to his grave and buried whatever sum they owed Ah Long so that the ghost can rest in peace.

Unfortunately speaking, Ah Long continued to haunt his neighbors and also his family members. The ghost continued to return to his house and sleep with his wife. Whoever touched by Ah Long's ghost would find himself/herself sticky wet.

Gradually, people felt impatient and annoyed. They asked the help of some religious folks to exorcise the restless ghost.

After some efforts, Ah Long's spirit was said to be apprehended and finally laid in peace.

This is the end of Budi's story concerning a loanshark. While Ah Long is rest in peace, many other Ah Longs are still out therer. If you have engaged with any one of this Ah Longs, then other than crossing your fingers and run. Whatever you do, just leave your innocent parents and relatives alone please.

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