Monday, June 12, 2017

I Want To Learn Magic

Since I did not respond to those queries in private emails, I just take this space to respond to all just once as an open letter.

At the beginning, I did intend to share the knowledge. But after a few rather heartless and inconsistent  tries, I decided to discontinue the practice. After all, no one appreciates free stuffs anyway. Further, my time is not free for all and I have my life to live with another lady.

I would advise you to dismiss your intention at this point. If you are persistent, then look for a master nearby and pay him some fees. As I have said: nothing is free.

If you have embarked on route as an apprentice, then please do follow the whole system throughout the course. And if you do hold your practice for 10 to 20 years, if and only if your master has an unbroken lineage; you will get something that I can promise you.

Please do not learn a system half way, and convert to another system half way. If you do so, I don't know what you will be in... Although I know you will get something for sure.

I am sure most of you have cast many spells and yet to see results and that you are still trying on new rituals. Please stop such trial and error on magic rituals: good if they don't take effect at all, ill if some of them happen after 20 years time when you are having a peaceful life.

I see each person as an energy storage that is constantly storing energy and the frequency of the energy release differs from one person to another. That is perhaps why some magic takes a long time to take effect.

Keeping your practice pure is important because different practices will have different requirements: Thai magic is more on the Yin energy while Taoist magic works on both Yin and Yang energy depending on which school you follows. The Vietnamese magic is a cross between Taoism and Buddhism, The Javanese and Middle Eastern magic are differences too...

So, please choose your system and a teacher and practise diligently for an extended prod of time. Otherwise, just follow with your standard religion; which would be a safer path.

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  1. I like free stuff Mr.Liew, they are entertaining, curiosity satiesfying, since it is exotic what you it is also a quite interesting topic.

    How do you appreciate free stuff?
    Except to saying thanks, reflect on the information
    and how can it used pragmatical? There is not even a donate button on your blog. You could have get a lots of money and would have it by all the efforts of all admirer would have donate for you in the past and now you would have the money to transist to japan and learn the language. Since a part of people are as I think sincerley grateful for you having sharing oversea information which might be sealed by language barriere.
    (Your time is not free for all, but well for some you would give it for free... even if you have to take it away from other activities you would spend time on, such is human ego)

    As far I was curios since the asian approach is to "Give milk but not sell the cow", so actually if you don't want to interest audience only you can charge for money. Who doesnt't take money for supernatural except if you find someone you like and find him suited for what you give for free or if you charge you would give more of time and information than the money is worth.

    The internet is big, there are so many people, with a great resources of human resources you can choose and filter. At least the one or another teacher seek people with some character, aplitute, talent.
    You should imagine yourself like a talent scout then the dellusion is lessened.

    For people who can stand 4 hours in horsestance, he will be favoured by those school where the foundation is a good horsestance. Since he have work up a base he show the heart, enduracne and the will the work hard and give effort into.

    Who people who has the teaching can endure it if someone worked sincerly and but get no teacher?
    Especially nowadays who people lessen interest in qigong, traditional martial arts and magic?
    You have 80 million and only 10thousand do qigong
    and only some 100 are practise ascetic beside their social life.

    How is it in magic to build in foundation? At least in Franz Bardon the work is about able to stay in one asana, able to follow a track a thoughts, focus on one thought and no thought and balance the astral body with the magic diary with the soul mirror.

    In Tenaga Dalam you provide actually the foundation as for the other schools thai, viet, tibetian, I haven't found you ever place the requirement and I am not talking about Wai Kru when you are chosen and join but before.

    I think personally in my opionion, providing stories and foundation for free is ok.

    If it is appreciate or not is one way to filter out person out, since sincere people will do the foundation and people who are not just consume the information and get hyped about it without sticking 10 to 20 years, I am also able to tell you such people can not stick a week to it, especially one has such time consuming process of practise, learning of herbs, cultivating of herbs, getting the material memorizing and recitation mantras, sutras, magic spells and finding proper places and the huge amount of money and resources and then go to work and even socialice (parents, girlfriend, friends, buisness partner, game partners)

    Paying a magic practitioner is easier for his expertise.