Sunday, June 25, 2017

Santau By Friend? Maybe Not!

Below is a story from a friend, Minah suspecting her friend of casting 'santau':

"Previously, I am a factory worker staying in a hostel with 5 other friends. So, there are 6 of us and two persons share one room. I stayed with my old school mate while others only known after I start working with this factory.

Just for the purpose of telling story, I will call my 5 other friends as: Alice, May, Jess, Joy and Mary. Among the 5, Alice is know of her special ability to 'see ghosts' at all times. She is quite weak and her family also said to possess a 'saka' (heirloom spirit) and they are also victims of 'santau' by their neighbor.

Alice and I were roommates. One day, Alice was seriously ill. According to Alice, she returned home to receive treatment. Before Alice leave, she told me that there one of our housemate was the culprit of casting 'santau' on her due to jealousy.

In addition, all 5 of us also suffered from consuming 'foreign material' except Mary. It was a fact that Mary was the one who was so willing to cook for us.

Alice said that she saw a spirit in our hostel all the while but she just ignored the spirit as it seemed harmless. No wonder Joy kept complaining that the toilet door was being knocked when she was in the toilet!

I was curious as why Alice suspected Mary was the culprit and her reason was that one of her visiting relatives was possessed by this spirit. This spirit spoke through the relative's mouth that it hated Alice because of her beauty... 

Alice's father quickly brought Alice and the possessed one to see a 'bomoh' (witch doctor) and after some treatment, the spirit was captured.

Strange thing during the same night, Mary became restless and quite jumpy compared to her normal calm self. When I looked at Mary's face, she looked as if someone was seriously sick panting for breathe.

I remembered Joy once told me that Mary acted strangely talking to thin air every evening in the kitchen. When asked, Mary only answered that she was just greeting her grandmother... Strangely speaking, Mary's grandma has gone to the other side for many years as far as Joy knew...

Personally, I pity Alice as she has suffered a lot. According to Alice, once she almost fell from the 2nd floor workplace. As the story goes, while Alice was working, she heard someone called her name. Due to curiosity, Alice went out to investigate. Suddenly, Alice saw her father called her at ground floor.

Just as when Alice was walking towards her father, her supervisor shouted at her and all of a sudden; Alice suddenly awakened and her  father was no where to be found..."

When asked to comment, I told Minah that the symptoms are not signs of 'santau'. Basically, santau is meant to take lives through poisoning. The purpose of casting 'santau' is for revenge and the sure sign is vomiting of foreign objects or blood. It is a means to 'kill and rob' travelers' especially merchants' goods or fortunes while keeping their souls as servants of black magicians.

Minah's story is only product of active imaginative minds unfortunately speaking...

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