Monday, June 19, 2017

Drown Ghosts (溺死鬼)

The Chinese believed that when a person who is drowned will become a 'drown ghost'. This type of ghost is very difficult to handle as they have mass and in the body of water, its power is the greatest.

Right after the infamous South Asia Tsunami, a sorcerer friend of mine, Alan went to the Batu Ferringhi Beach to summon those drown spirits.

A few weeks later, when I was walking in a street downtown, Alan called me. I nearly couldn't recognize him. This guy's body especially the face became bloated as if a piece of bread soaked in water. I could smell the scent of sea water emitted from him too...

So we went into a coffee house to chat. According to Alan, right after the conjuration of drown ghosts; his luck turned from bad to worst. Not only that, he was also constantly having nightmare where he would dream of many people soaked in the sea crying and yearning for help.

Before we parted, Alan asked if I could help to get rid of all those spirits he entangled with. I could only shook my head as it would take a lot of time. More importantly, I didn't want to help Alan as I didn't like his idea of calling up those poor spirits.

There is one true story about 'drown ghost tutor' that was in my mind for a long time. I have almost forgotten about it until I start writing this post:

This incident happened when I was in Form 1 or so, about 13~14 years old. I was not involved directly but another girl and our math tutor, who was our senior.

At that time, my math results were always floating on borderlines. So, my pal introduced me to take up tuition under a senior whom I would just call him Nelson. 

There were about 5 people studying under Nelson. Among those students, Mary was a pretty girl whom Nelson was very much fond of. I have heard rumors about them but I just mind my own business.

One evening, I was fishing at the bank of Perak River and I saw a black shadow sitting about 50 feet away. It looked familiar to me but I kept my position as I didn't want to scare away those long awaited fish.

Then the shadow noticed me and it moved towards me. And I recognized him as Nelson, my math tutor.

Nelson gave me a nod as he approached me. I could saw that he was all wet... I started to beak ice: "Hey, Nelson! Did you swim with your clothes on?"

Nelson just smiled silently and then walked past me and into the water again.

During that night, my pal Meng rang me up with a bad news. Meng said: "Nelson has molested Mary and everyone is looking for him now!"

According to Meng, right after the afternoon tuition, Nelson gave an excuse to ask Mary to stay behind. After that he started to molest Mary but Mary ran off to inform her parents. Very quickly this has turned into a big issue in a small town...

It was believed that Nelson was quite afraid to face the consequences of what he did. He then ran out of his house and no one knows where he went..."

I immediately said to Meng: "You must be kidding! I just saw Nelson swimming in the Perak River..."

The next morning, when I was in the school, the news of Nelson was found drowned in Perak River suspected of committed suicide.

So, who or what did I see the evening before?

The story did not end there unfortunately...

About a week later, Mary started to experience 'wet' dreams. I mean wet in the sense of physical wetness. 

Mary felt that someone would press onto her body at night and that she couldn't move and fainted. When she awoke, she was soaked wet. Water even dripped down from her bed onto the floor.
Mary's parents brought her to see a medium and they were told that it was the work of the restless spirit of Nelson.

As I heard that it took quite a while to exorcise the drown ghost. Perhaps to keep away from further attack, Mary was sent to New Zealand to further her studies.

I wonder if Nelson is still 'swimming' in the river now a days?


  1. So how is Allen well-being now?

    1. Unfortunately speaking, Allen is broke and I don't know where he is now. None of his friends know in fact.