Thursday, June 8, 2017

Just A Few Words

To some sorcerers' horror, Mr. Liew has returned from the grave and to haunt them again!

I have heard many rumors of myself being blown out by black magic or cast to hell for good. Of course, I am well and alive for now at least.

Now that I am being resurrected, let me just put a few things straight and in view of still many emails:

1. I stop writing about magic because I am bored with magic.
2. My lady friend does not like magical things.
3. Magic does not work if people just sit tight and talk about it.
4. I don't respond to mails from strangers anymore because once started, this will be a never ending process.
5. Nothing is free.

What I have not done as before, was to shut down MagicSEA. Maybe I need to think of this option starting now.

My views of magic and spirits:

1. Magic is only a means to cast a future 'hope' and we must still do the dirty job.
2. Ghosts and demons are only residual energies. The most they can do is to make noises.
3. Magic items such as pearls and oils don't work... They just boost the users' own ego.
4. Spirit possessions are mainly mental hellucinations and depressions.

Just a few words of advice:

Please don't engage in magic if you have not started. If you have plunged too deep in magic, get out while you can or die in despairs. There is no return on investing in magic practices.


  1. Welcome back Mr Liew to respond and proving you are still alive and well. Those evil heart people may be despair.

    Me too has such same ideal about magical power especially Thai sorcery and amulet. I never see those involve depth in magical power or entire body wearing magical tools or amulets are well and wealthy. Instead they are just common folks just like those free thinker.
    Nevertheless, I see those pure metaphysics master or known as fengshui master that only apply fengshui concept without believing in religious mixed, are doing well and wealthy. This is just my personal point of view.

  2. The only thing I read above is "These people have no selfresponsibilty, they only want everything for free and people do this and that for them and as far magic is presented it only corrupt people who are dreamers and lacking common sense."

    People like hope Mr.Liew, they like the extraordinary, they like story's they can wonder about as beside living for reproduction and the why one need profit and resources. As you know people can live without god and magic, in the end we all die but until then we are still alive.

    I understood you as far that Magic is not used nowadays anymore because there are better weapons and better methods to earn income.

    But well I am happy you are fine and being with a lady friend, it was nice the years to check into this blog as it is entertaining and the providing of the Tenaga Dalam.

    And Mr.Liew "ghosting" away isn't nice way to end things, this post you made is as stern it is an explaination to your absence so a big part of your silent readers can have peace in their heart to let you go.

    Sure nobody like freeloaders and time eaters but think of how many people you have given inspiration and expanding their vision or your work on the translations you made.
    You became a celibrity, the only way is really to erase everything and change your e-mail or use another one that is private.

    Also why the fuss? Tell that you retire, you make a long break, go into hiatus or have private matters.

    Thank you for the many years of entertainment and things to consider Mr Liew.

  3. I miss your post and welcome back. Tq