Sunday, June 18, 2017

Handling Cyber Bully (应付网络欺凌)

There were a few cases of student committed suicide by cyber bully in Malaysia. I think the cases of cyber bully is more serious elsewhere. Of course, cases of death caused by physical bully in the school are getting serious too.

As a capacity as a labelled 'master',  I was called in to investigate so-called ghost possession of youths many times only to be concluded as 'mental disturbances' due to either school related, and lately; intranet related.

If you recall that people are generally grouped into 'doer' or a 'thinker'.

If a 'doer' experienced cyber bully, he/she will tackle the person head-on and most probably forgotten about it after a while.

However, if a 'thinker' faces cyber bully, he/she would just keep what the bully said in mind for a very long time. A 'thinker' would keep thinking why the bully is so cruel towards him/her over and over again. If further stimulation are added, such as a scold by the teacher or a scorn by a friend, this person will jump over the balcony abruptly.

People who does not understand how our mind works would be surprised with such a tragic ending.

Unless the bully a person suffers from is of life threatening in nature, there is practically nothing anyone can do: the school, the parents or even friends are just too busy to bother about some minute quarrel in the intranet.

So, if you are a 'doer' or even a 'thinker', then the best way is to use Dudjom Rinpoche's method:

"We must understand that all external demons are only the manifestation of our mind. Its nature is without characteristics. In order to subdue the external demons, we must first tackle our unsettle mind.

By meditating on the syllable HUM we can subdue the internal demons reflected as the external demons."

There is a very useful technique a person can use too:

A person can imagine that all the negative energy from cyber bully is absorbed into the HUM in his/her heart. Then started to sing out loud: "HUM, HUM, HUM..." until all of the contaminated energy is gone.

I just realized from a local news report that even teachers in schools can be big bullies to the kids too... while mind training method is good, as parents; they too have a role to play over their children's safe growing.

All of a sudden, it is not so easy to be kids these days!

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  1. With the wide spead use of internet and online places, cyber bullying has become very commonplace. Many people become a victim of this and authorities need to take action against this.