Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Harmful Sha Energy (尸气伤人)

According to old literature, this 'sha energy' (煞气) is transformed by those gases released from corpses. 

My friend, Wong has so-called 'psychic eyes' and he can see ghosts. He told me his very strange yet untold encounter:

Wong attended a funeral service, the host were in the process of putting the deceased into a coffin while other mourners were waiting in the main hall.

At that time, Wong was sitting in a corner of the main hall. In that position, Wong was able to see the corpse and the coffin. Suddenly something attracted Wong's attention.

The thing looked as if a blob of green mist lingered at a distance of about 3 feet above the head of the corpse... This of course, can only be seen by Wong alone with his special capabilities.

After the deceased is fitted into the coffin, it was the turn of mourners to pay him the last respect. 

One of the deceased's close friends approached the dead and lowered his head to look at the face of the dead with the intention to express his condolences. Then all of a sudden,  Wong saw this blob of mist suddenly sped toward this mourner and wack him in his face.

The man immediately fell onto the floor unconscious and he was subsequently propped up by others to take a rest. People thought the man fainted due to overly emotional stress. Of course, only Wong knew who or what was the culprit.

Hence according to Wong, unless someone is of close relatives of the deceased or professionally related; it is better to keep a distance when a corpse is being fitted into a coffin. If one is experiencing bad luck, it is even advisable not to attend any funeral services for his/her own good.

Having said so, the choice is still yours of course!


  1. My story of sharing. When I was 12 year old, as a kid, curiosity is by nature. There was a relative passed away. At the fifth day before the funeral approach, there was a last request for those close relatives, friends, siblings etc to have close proximity to see the deceased in coffin. I was so excited as a naive kid jumping and running around while waiting my turn to see the corpse. As I am approaching to the coffin, suddenly my mum pulled me away to stop me from view the corpse in coffin. Well, at that moment, I make noise and threw a tantrum and yet still failed to proceed to fulfill my curiosity. At the end of the deceased seeing process, the camera man requested everyone close to the picture of deceased to have a big crowded family picture took as momento. Once the camera flashed towards all of us, all of sudden I felt dizzy and vomit immediately. Before the funeral start, my dad straight away brought me home while heading back to attend the funeral. Once reach home, I have a high fever, even after took medicine the fever never subside and remain without any improvement. Until the 2nd day when to made full payment to the coffin shop, another relative of mine share what happened to me to the coffin staff. One of the old staff told my relative I might be conflicted with the deceased or evil spirits stay in the parlour. The old man recommended took some incense ashes and few incense left over sticks from the deceased urn, mixed with Chinese tea and drink it. Surprisingly, after consumed the tea, within an hour, my fever subsided and fully recovered.

    1. Yes. Thank you for sharing. You were probably experiencing with 'sha conflict' (犯煞). According to Feng Shui theory, when a person's zodiac sign opposites the dead; than a 'sha conflict' will occur.

      The signs and symptoms are as you have said.