Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Lift (电梯)

Lift is an indispensable utility for high-rise buildings such as HDB flats. It is indeed an unique dimension of its own; an eerie space at night that can gain access to the spiritual dimension...

Story 1

Once I was visiting a friend who stayed on the 10th floor in a flat in Bedok at night.

Since he was on the 10th floor, there are only two options: by stairs or by lift.

Just a few steps before I found myself in front of the lift, a lady carrying her baby rushed into the lift compartment and the lift door closed.

I felt a little disappointed as I hate to wait for few more minutes for the lift to come down so I started grumbling: "Damn! Can't you even have the courtesy to wait for me for a few seconds..."

While cursing, I start pressing the up-button and waited for the next lift to come down.

At this juncture, the lift door opened again...

My jaw dropped and my eyes wide opened, the lift never moved and there wasn't a single soul there!

Story 2

My ex-girlfriend is a nurse in hospital. 

Once she was on night duty and as she took her midnight round, she came to the lift lobby and saw a little girl sitting in a wheel chair seemingly waiting for lift too.

So, my ex asked her why was the little girl up and out in the lobby at this wee hours: "Young lady, why are you here at this hour? Where are you staying?"

My ex's intention was to send the little girl back to the nurse-in-charge of the sick ward. After a while, the little girl replied: "I am staying in the 8th floor..."

So, she pressed the up-button and the lift arrived. As soon as the lift door opened, she pushed the wheelchair in the lift and then pressed the 8th floor.

Then the indicator light showed someone has pressed the 5th floor and the lift stopped, the door opened. A nurse stepped in and the lift door closed again and moved upwards.

The nurse saw my ex and asked: "Why do you go to 8th floor at this wee hours?"

My ex replied: "Oh Fiona,it's you! I found this young girl in the lobby so I want to send her back... 

Fiona, if I am not mistaken, you are the one in charge of the 8th floor right? Can I pass her to you instead?"

Fiona stared blankly at the wheelchair and at a lost she asked: "What little girl?"

My ex turned her head and dumbfounded. The wheelchair was empty!

No wonder people said that the lift is one of the most haunted place in this metropolitan city!

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