Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Lady Behind Man (男人背后的女人)

This is a story told to me by a Thai friend and he assured me that this is a true story:

A very handsome sales person has successfully pursued the daughter of a rich businessman. Despite objected by her parents, this lady decided to marry the handsome guy of her choice.

However, a few years after their marriage; the man started to date other ladies. The wife eventually learnt of her husband's affair with other woman and she threatened that if her husband does not return to her side, she would commit suicide.

At first this man yielded to his wife's threat but after a while, he started to see other women again. 

Again, the wife repeated her threats but this time the husband decided not to return to his wife no matter what she said. In despair, the pregnant wife decided to commit suicide by jumping out of her apartment's balcony.

Now that this sales person is single and available again and he thought he would be able to fish any chicks as before, but almost all women he met would be attracted to him at first, then after chatting for a while, they would just turn their head and flee from him in a haste.

Not only the man's love life turned sour, his career as a sales person also being affected. Not only he failed to attract new customers, his old customers also started to shy away from him.

Gradually this salesman became lonely and out of job. Then one morning, after breakfast, he walked aimlessly in a street and a monk came towards him asking for alms. He gave the monk what was left in his wallet.

The monk paused and then looked at the man's face for a while; then the monk opened his mouth: "Generous donor, I am not supposed to take your donation as you need it more. But the Buddha is compassionate that led you to me.

I can see a lady spirit holding a baby following close at your back with hatred and sad stares. May I ask what had troubled you?"

On hearing the words, the sales man raised his head and look into the monk's face for quite a while and burst into tears: "That must be my wife... hadn't she let me go? I am broke and lonely... everything gone very wrong!"

The monk nodded his head and said: "Young man, your wife is full of hatred right now. You can only pacify her by engaging in dharma act and repent for your life..."

The salesman now on his knees and asked: "Can you show me the way?"

The monk subsequently brought the salesman to his temple and before long, he too became a monk.

If you would ask, this salesman turned monk is precisely the story teller.

After telling his story, he asked: "Is she still around?"

I pointed at his back and said: "Perhaps you need to work harder..."

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