Monday, June 26, 2017

Ghost Story Collection From Singapore

During my stay in Singapore, I have heard and experienced some very strange things:

I rented a room in Bouna Vista during my on the job training. Once the landlord family went out for a week's tour to Taiwan leaving me alone.One evening I was sitting in a sofa reading newspaper and the TV set is just opposite me.

As I was flipping the newspaper, my eye sight suddenly cough hold of a long haired figure stood by behind me from the monitor reflection. This has shocked the living daylight out of me and instinctively I turned my head. But there wasn't anyone there!

I turned my head again to look at the TV monitor, there the figure was! It still stood silently behind me.

What else? I knew I have seen things... quickly and quietly, I put down the newspaper and went to bed early. Since I was alone, it is better safe than sorry. I didn't want to offend any ghosts as yet.

Before I moved out of the place, I asked my landlord if he has seen anything strange lately. And he said: "Ah, you must had seen my heirloom spirit as it would show itself to people at times..."
In another incident...

It was around 2am when my pal and I returned from pub hopping. As we was walking and chatting, we suddenly saw an old nanny burning joss papers by the road side.

At first we were not bothered but suddenly we thought that it was lunar 7th month and further... who will burn anything during this wee hour? Further,the old nanny has no feet....

So, we both shouted out: 'Run!" and we ran as fast as we could.As we ran, we turned our head and looked back. There weren't anyone there, not even traces of ashes!

One night, I returned from my training and as I walked to the front of a lift and found my shoe string has loosened.So I moved aside and bent down to tie my shoe lace.

At this time, a figure walked passed me and walked towards the lift.I instinctively raised my head and saw the lift door opened, and the figure entered the lift compartment.

It was quite normal and I continued tying my shoes.But after I finished tying my shoe lace, the lift didn't move at all. Feeling strange, I watched and watched and the lift stay put at ground floor still...

Feeling curious, I pressed on the door open button and to my surprised, the compartment is empty. In a state of shock, I rushed up the staircase two flights at one time!

This story is from my friend, Jane:

When Jane first came to Singapore, she rented a room in Commenwealth area. One day, she went out with her landlady to shop in Orchard Road.

Opposite them came a figure cladded in white robe. As they were approaching, Jane looked at the figure's face and to her shock, she saw the festering face of an old lady with a lot of pustules...

Before Jane can have a second thought, her landlady suddenly dragged her hand and ran as fast as they could while shouting: "Run! That thing is a ghost... it has no legs!!"

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