Monday, June 12, 2017

Putting Ghosts In Right Perspective

In my view, ghosts are forms of energy that will fade over time and there is nothing to fear about.

A year after my pa passed away, I used to dream or even saw his figure clearly lingered inside the old house.

A few years later, I didn't see pa anymore but he continued to appear in my dreams still clearly. In those dreams, he liked to bring me to various locations just as when he was alive.

A decade later, I could only dreamed of his blurred figure but I could recognize his familiar voice...

Now that it is over 10 years, I hardly see him or hear from him anymore.

People would think that my pa has moved on to other life but I have another view.

On one side, it might just be that the theory of reincarnation is true. On the other, I believe that the disappearance of my pa's vision has to do with the diminishing of energy over time.

If my guess is true, then it is probably useless to communicate with the deceased after he/she has passed away for more than 10 years.

Since ghosts are just forms of energy, there is no need to react to their presence all together too. We don't have to perform exorcism rituals or wearing protective amulets to ward off ghosts if we are not afraid.

This is said in the teaching of Dorje Dorlo by Dudjom Rinpoche in brief:

"There is no internal or external demons and we should meditate on the red HUM at our heart to be fearless and victorious."

I used to keep many ghosts in my altar and they often created noises such as making things fall, knocking on the door and even turned on TV and my computer. 

After practising Dorje Dorlo view, all of the happenings were gone.

I didn't perform any rituals or wear any amulets to protect myself. So I think perhaps ghosts are only manifestations of my own mind. Once I have held the correct view, ghosts disappeared. Maybe that too caused the communication of my pa's soul and me broken.

If you are afraid of ghosts, why not try to use Dudjom Rinpoche's method and you will be amazed. 


  1. Instead, I would like to see and meet one "ghost" so that I can get 4 digits lucky number to get some bonus as I am desperate for money. For god, huh, I believe gods only helping the rich because the gods expect money form return from devotees to expand or build larger prestige temple so that it can looks grand and high reputation. So, who care about the poor includes god?

    1. Unfortunately speaking, the gods don't exist. Maybe you should ask those who throw money to build temples!

  2. Haha, you are right Master Liew. Those who throw money into the temple are those who belief and make believe the gods exist.