Friday, June 16, 2017

Hantu Raya

'Hantu raya' is a Malay term for 'great spirit' literarily speaking. But since the greatest spirit is God, I would just call it a wandering spirit.

If you can see it, it is about 10~12 feet tall and its body is covered with black hair from top to bottom. This is another class of spirit I think as ordinary spirits are much smaller in sizes. A Hantu Raya was old bomohs' best assistant in bygone days.

When I was still small, once I accompanied my pa to my uncle's durian plantation. The plantation was located at the edge of a maiden jungle; and there is a river running by the plantation.

It was about dusk, my pa and I were sitting in a hut built for my uncle to watch over his durians during durian seasons so that no one could steal them. 

As we were chatting, suddenly my pa raised his right index finger near his lips indicating me to keep silent: "Shhh... "

I felt strange but complied. Then pa pointed his finger at the river bank.

There I saw a huge long-haired figure stood by a boulder at the river bank. The figure seemingly looked at a distance across the river. After a while, it started to cross the river and vanished in the jungle.

My pa then said that it was the notorious 'hantu raya' waiting to be fed by its master but the master didn't keep his/her promise that time.

That was the first time I saw this spirit.

Then, during the final year of my secondary school, one of my Malay friend said he has inhereted a heirloom hantu raya. He used to show off his power in front of me by making friends with girls easily. To my astonishment, this guy was able to fish just about any girl to go out with him.

One day, I saw a strange huge creature following my pal's back. It looked like his shadow from afar.
So, I pulled him aside asked him what I saw. He confirmed that was his 'pet'.

Later, I got my own hantu raya which assisted me in herbs collection. It normally stay invisible but when I was lazy to give offering, this hantu raya would show its ugly face in my dreams asking for food offerings.

This hantu raya did gave my colleague, Jason a scare in Austria.

Me and my colleague was staying in a same hotel. One night, when Jason passed by my room and he heard I was talking in the phone. So, he decided to go to the lobby to watch TV and wait for me to come down.

As soon as Jason arrived at the lobby, I was already waiting for him grumbling the he was late again. 

Jason's face immediately turned pale and he pulled me aside and asked: "Who was that in your room?"

I only smiled and said: "Oh, I can see that you are already drunk before our pub hopping tonight!"

After I practised Dorje Dorlo sadhana, the hantu raya never appear in front of me again. Of course, I have no intention to invoke it now or in future.

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