Thursday, June 29, 2017

Banana Ghost From Surabaya (泗水的香蕉精)

Unlike ghost stories of Taiwan which are secretive, and unlike the Japanese ghost stories that come with tradition; ghost stories from Indonesia are full of demonic entities...

The Indonesian ghosts are normally capricious and they can easily be transformed into demons. 
Now, please be seated and listen to Putri's banana ghost story from Surabaya, Java.

Java is located in the tropics and many household would plant one banana tree or more at the back.

Javanese also believe that if a banana tree is constantly smeared with blood, then over a period of time; a 'spirit' can be fostered. This possible as it is quite common that local folks would use urine to fertilize banana plants, and a lady's urine during period contains a small quantity of blood.

This type of spirit came out from banana plant is fond of transforming itself into handsome man or pretty lady. Let us just label it as 'banana spirit' for ease of story telling.

This banana spirit when formed like to mate with human to absorb their energy so as to become more powerful.

A distant relative of Putri, Pak Kevin was originally a tall, macho and vigorous man. After he met a lady 3 months ago, Pak Kevin transformed into a pale and skinny person.

Pak Kevin's friends thought his new found girlfriend was questionable but Pak Kevin didn't want to believe what others said. So, he continued to befriend the lady.

One of Pak Kevin's friend finally said to him: "It is okay that you want to befriend the lady. But please do just one thing; and only once we will not trouble you anymore."

Pak Kevin heard what his friend has to say and thought the request was harmless and agreed with the suggestion.

The friend took out a piece of sewing needle with a piece of red string attached to it. He asked Pak Kevin to attach the needle on the lady's clothing the next time they meet.

On that night, the lady came and before she left, Pak Kevin quietly attached the needle on the lady's clothing.

The next morning, Pak Kevin's friends came to visit again and they followed the red string to a banana plant just outside of Pak Kevin's bedroom. To their surprised, the needle was plugged into the trunk of banana plant.

The crowd decided to ax down the banana plant and when they did that, sticky brown color liquid substance with disgusting bloody smell splashed all over the place.

Pak Kevin and his friends became panicked and call out for the villagers. The folks then burnt down the banana plant into ashes.

Pak Kevin's mysterious girlfriend has never appear since and he recovered as healthy as before.
People still believe tall and huge banana plants in Indonesia are likely to be possessed by ghosts. So, it is not advisable to enter a forest grown with banana plants or just simply touching those banana plants.

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