Friday, June 30, 2017

Charm Like A Fox (狐媚)

People say that beauty is only skin deep. This is perhaps true for no matter how pretty a lady is, she will not be able to become popular consistently over time. What one needs is to be 'charming'. If a person is charming, then even he/she is 80's years old; this person will remain as popular as before if not more.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born charming although a person can still go to perform plastic surgery and resort to makeup techniques to look pretty.

Among all animals and spirits, Taoists believe that the fox is the most charming of the all. This belief is accepted by Chinese generally speaking and the one who became a third person in other's relationship is called a 'fox spirit' (狐狸精).

Generally, being called a 'fox spirit' doesn't ring a bell in the West but a Chinese lady would be at most upset when being labelled as such.

Let us push so-called 'ethical' issues aside as without 'charm', one is an outcast in our appearance-centric society. So, the question is how to become charming like a fox?

The below ritual requires one to get a piece of fox item: the whole fox fur, the tail or anything like that. Since this ritual originated from Chinese Taoist magic, it is perhaps best to get an Asian fox. Though foxes from Europe or America may also be used.

To begin with, for a lady or a man deemed himself as a lady; he/she should get a complete fox fur with head and tail. Then this person should get a beautiful doll or the 3D sculpture of the artist he/she desires.

Then he/she also need a clean table or altar to put first the fox fur and then the sculpture on it. Now we also need some fresh flowers, some makeup items and an incense burner.

The most important thing is that this altar must be constantly be kept clean and that the flowers offered must not wither.

After this altar is set up, the practitioner should perform visualization exercise twice daily: the morning and evening.

The visualization is very simple: he/she must first invoke the fox spirit into his/her body and make the necessary changes so that he/she become more charming.

There is no fix way to practise. For example: if you are a sales person and you want to increase your charm, then just think of the face you want to become and that your customer base increased.
If you are still single, then you can do the visualization accordingly.

People followed the above ritual will find themselves become more attractive and attract attentions and make friends easily. A sign of initial success is that the person's eyes will become a little elongated and slanting upwards towards the end, just like a fox.

For a more advance level, the practitioner can increase his/her charm by absorbing the energy of sun and the moon once a month. I would just leave this part out for now. 

The above ritual is safe if it is kept as it is and that no deep meditation involved.

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