Sunday, June 11, 2017

The New Money Magics

In case you are not aware, there are many new generations of money magic rituals that are many folds powerful than the traditional money magic!

Now you don't need to chant and pray for 10,000 times and fast for 100 days! What you need is a computer and some programming skills; and in a jisto you can fish millions or billions of dollars into your own account.

Do you think I am joking? Read on please...

Below rituals are extremely powerful, you might feel dizzy by skimming over them; but that is normal. Just take a sip of water and close your eyes, then all shall be fine.

1. The money pyramid magic

What you need to do is to gather your boss, friends and relatives and persuade them to invest into your XYZ Money Grower Scheme which can provide a return-on-investment of 20% per month. As more people joined in, you must pay the first batch as promised. Only then more people will join.
When you think you have fished enough of cash, then you can pass on the message that your investment was not successful and all money has gone, or simply your account is hacked and the money is gone.

I assure you that 90% of the people will not lodge a police report as the source of their money is of question too. This is called 'double crossed' (黑吃黑).

2. Any-thing-goes investment magic

Of course in this type of investment can involve in just about anything: gold, beauty products, tropical fishes etc. 

The key is just to lure as many investors to invest in your scheme. For best effect, you must pay some celebrities or famous person to do the advertising.

This Any-thing-goes magic is not as powerful as the first ritual however.

3. The love-in-the-air magic

There are many rich aunties and uncles who are longed for handsome partners. 

So, in order to cast this magic, you only need to find some handsome movie star faces and approach those lonely heart folks in the net and make friends with them.

Once you feel the time is right, then start asking money from those lonely heart ones and you will not be disappointed!

4. The telephone for money magic (TFM)

This magic works very simply. You can call your boss and tell him that his account is hacked and he must transfer all of his money into your own account for safe keeping. 

This ritual works best if you boss has never pay taxes!

Of course, I have not exhausted my list on those extremely powerful money magic rituals. Just heads up though, please don't try them in China or the penalty is death for illegal eliciting money! You are warned. For the rest of the world, you only need to sit in jail for a few years over million or billion of dollars. Just think about it!

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