Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Pontianak Of Mount Pleasant(快乐山女鬼)

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is situated around Upper Thomson Road and it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Singapore, definitely a place for the brave and the bold ghost hunters.

This cemetery was originally part of 86 hectares Bukit Brown  Chinese cemetery, but the pan island highway cut the cemetery into two.

The Mount Pleasant Cemetery does not live up to its name 'pleasant' as the place is covered by shrubs and always dark and gloomy. Many passerby didn't even notice there is a cemetery located there.

There is one winding path lead to the cemetery entrance and many old graves are already in a decaying state.

It gets more eerie as the place is surrounded by Malay paduak (pterocarpus indicus) trees after night.
Of course the scariest of all is not those folks resting under the graves, but seeing pontianak flying from one tree to another accompanied by those eerie shrieks that could make anyone tremble with fears.

Legend has it that the predecessor of Mount Pleasant Cemetery was a Javanese village and many bomohs kept and controlled these pontianaks for their magical deployment.Although the village is no more in existence, those scary pontianaks still linger on and watch over the place.

Rumor has it that mutilated dead bodies with internal organs and reproduction organs were being scattered around the said cemetery. People believed that was the work of pontianak. Or perhaps the work of some meat eating animals since tigers were found and killed in that area some dog gone years.

About a decade ago, when I was posted to Singapore, I joined a friend to visit the Mount Pleasant Cemetery at night.

As we walked among the graves carefully, suddenly a white UFO whooped over our heads with shrieking sound.The incident happened so fast that by the time we lifted our head, the thing was gone. But we can still hear those scary crying sounds surrounding us for quite a while.Perhaps that was some kind of giant night bird we thought later.

I have not revisited Mount Pleasant since then. Perhaps the pontianaks or whatever they might be are still there. If you dare, do go and visit this place sometime and try your luck.

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