Friday, June 16, 2017

The Ecstasy Pills Vs Spirit Possession

The side effects of consuming ecstasy pills (including  alcohol) need not be mentioned here and such information are available in the intranet and elsewhere. But for anyone who claims himself/herself as an exorcist, then it is worthwhile to take note of some physical symptoms of ecstasy pills so that unforeseen incidents would no be fallen onto both the exorcist and the person in ecstasy.

It is quite easy to identify the look of a person in ecstasy as he/she would just repeat an action repeatedly indulging with himself/herself. The action can be either mild or violent ranging from shaking of heads or running around.

There were many reports in the past that people fell to their death after consuming ecstasy pills from their apartment in Penang and KL. Since these folks may be violent provoked or unprovoked, it is just best to stay away from them unless you are trained to handle abrupt situations.

It is quite easy to see people in ecstasy or more commonly drunk after midnight hours especially around 2am to 4am in downtown areas. The drunk can be quickly identified because of thick alcohol scent attached with them. The ecstasy ones would act as if someone who are insane and they could probably perform some simple and repetitive actions on the street.

Once my pal and I exited a bar in downtown Penang a few hours after midnight and as we walked towards our hotel, we saw a gentleman who were doing a sort of repetitive odd movements in the middle of the road. The person kept swing his right fist in a circular motion as we observed.

Since the gentleman was standing in the middle of the road, we were a little concern about his safety though the street was practically empty then.

"May I know what are you doing, sir?" My pal asked.

"Can't you see? I am fishing" The person answered.

We were a little baffled by his answer. So I said to him: "Why do you fish in the middle of the ocean? The seashore is over that side?"

The man stopped his action and pondered for a while and then nodded his head: "So it is."

It was to our surprised to that the person started to reverse himself to the roadside and repeated his 'fishing' motion again.

Of course, in fieldwork, a person believed to be possessed and a person in ecstasy can be 
differentiated by the fact that the person in ecstasy is aware of his surroundings but the one possessed (if and only if it is true) could not. 

There are many tell tale signs that an experienced social workers or psychologists shall know. It is difficult to described with just a few words as the matter of fact.

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