Thursday, June 29, 2017

Social Escort N Her Protector Spirit (按摩女郎的护法)

Just fairly recently, I had a farewell dinner with a Chinese social escort who had earned enough to make a decent living back home.

During the dinner, I have noticed that this lady let's call her Alice for now made some kind of hand gesture on her plate of rice and murmured some mantra.

Perhaps Alice noticed that I have fixed my gaze on her seemingly strange action, she told me that all her doings was for her 'protector spirit' which has helped her to clear her debt and brought back another handsome some.

Alice attributed her success to her protector spirit as during a few years' stay in Malaysia, she could make somewhere between MYR20k to MYR40k every month! Can you imagine how to earn this sum of money tax free every month as a Malaysian or Singaporean? 

Of course, I didn't believe in the power of her so-called protector or guardian spirit or any sort of nonsense. Instead, I would attribute to her attractive figure of perhaps 38-24-36 that has attracted the lustful Malaysian and Singapore uncles to donate handsomely to her.

I have no dealing with Alice but my pal Eric was her loyal patron who has been donating MYR150 every week to contribute to her enormous wealth together with others. While others need to pay income tax, Alce was somehow exempted.

So, forget about those hantu raya, khodam or even kumanthong; find the one similiar to what Alice possessed: i.e. the figure of 38-24-38 and the money will rolling towards you!

Of course, Alice is not the only money magnet here in Malaysia, there are many more in those metropolitan city across the country. I am sure you will be able to pick up one and donate to their well beings too!

Maybe the actual 'protector spirit' is in fact my pal and all those have patronized her over time! This is indeed a very cleaver lady... Eat your hearts out! Ha! Ha! Ha!


  1. It is nice to have you back,I enjoy the stories.

  2. I am desperate for money. I would like to be her spirit protector. I don't greed. I only need 30% of her monthly revenue which is tax free where I believe I can settle my long unsettle debt within 3 months. I don't mind to be her spirit protector "bapa ayam"

    1. Hahaha... looks like you have to queue first: she has over 1000 followers and my pal is on 1001, me after that and then you... :D