Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Corpse Oil

Many Malaysian and Singaporean men are extremely lustful yet stingy as I have found out during the days of self-proclaimed master-ship. They would pay me $10 for consultation but spent $1,000 a month on Chinese social escorts whom they only met once. You would also be surprised to know that these lustful men later came to me and complaint of wasted thousands of dollars and get nothing.

When men failed to satisfy their lust, they would find whatever means to achieve their goal. After all of the physical means are exhausted, the desire burning men then sought the help of magic. This is when these folks showed themselves in front of my place...

Among all of those love charms, the most sought after one is the so-called 'nam man prai' or 'corpse oil'. Real corpse oil is difficult to get, most of those in the market ones are far from genuine. 

I knew one master who simply added some dust collected from his floor to some sesame or coconut oil and proclaimed the oil as 'corpse oil'. Of course I didn't do anything like that but to get those oils from ordinary amulet sellers. At least I could push the responsibility to the other end.

A top grade corpse oil once could be sold for $800 or so. The best way to sell these corpse oils are through actual demonstrations to those potential customers.

Amongst my frequent customers were social escorts from the Southeast Asia regions, so in order to 'make' the corpse oil to look powerful; I would arrange these social escorts in some role plays.

It is certainly difficult to sell a small bottle of oil without having to demonstrate its power. So the best way to make a person know if the oil works is to ask a beautiful social escort pretended to walk by, and then this seemingly innocent lady is smeared with the oil.

And in a jiffy, the stranger lady became very hot and became intimate with the spell caster. I don't have to complete the story as you can let your imagination run wild.

In cooperating with these social escorts, both parties got what they wanted: I sold the oil and the social escorts got their fair share of business.

Of course, after 2 more tries; the power of corpse oil would expire and those men would come and complaint. At this point, I would ask: "Didn't you enjoy time with those ladies?"

I had proved my oil worked and it is the buyer's bad luck to make the power of the oil void. So, if those lustful men wanted to enjoy more, they would need to fork out money for extra power oils... or ultra rare Phra Ngan statue with a hefty price tag of course.

Don't be angry as those were the tricks of those master making a living. Of course, after what I have said and if people still buying; it is merely the power of those amulets over my words!

If you want real corpse oil, stop asking but bring me the ingredients first! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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