Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Blind And Ghosts (见鬼的盲人)

Can the blind actually 'see' ghosts?

I have no definite answer for you but to share my experience.

During one of our visits to an old folks home, almost everyone was out living lonely blind aunt called Madam Lau sitting quietly in the corner talking to herself facing a mirror.

The caretaker Mary said other than having the habit of talking to the mirror, Madam Lau was quite normal and well mannered.

So, I approached Madam Lau and gently greeted her after handling the food stuffs donated by general public.

As I was approaching Madam Lau from behind, she suddenly asked:

"Who are those kids in the mirror?"

I got a stun as I was having a few Kumanthong statues at that time. Was it possible for Madam Lau to see the kid spirits?

So, I spoke out loud:

"Hello Madam Lau, I am Liew from Gelupa Association..."

Madam Lau responded: "I can't see you, but there are a few kids in the mirror..."

"Were you talking to someone just now?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, I don't know the them but they do appear in this mirror when everyone was out. They kept me company until the crowd returned... Those folks said that I would be with them very soon so I giggled as I would be free very soon..."

A year later, I returned to the old folks home and I didn't see Madam Lau. So I asked Mary:
"Where is Madam Lau?"

"Oh, she passed away peacefully a month ago. Strangely speaking, I found Madam Lau laughed and laughed happily the night before she left. I also heard many people singing jollily but I didn't see anyone when I came into the room..."

This is the only case I heard about the blind seeing and communicating with ghosts, or they were just the reflections of Madam Lau's mind?


  1. Wow, never thought Master Liew did keep few gumanthong. I did keep some famous archan gumanthong previously. Some with bones, ashes, corpse oil. Eventually, I gave up and donated free to those who interested. It does not bring any benefits to me contraly, I was in extra bad licks and obstacles in life' sailing until all disposed I just slowly experience improvement in life's

    1. Of course, that was a long time ago...

      I didn't buy the gumanthong but all were given to me by those who didn't want them.

      The gumanthong can only make noises and done nothing until I practised the Tibetan Buddhism.

      All now no more power.

    2. Haha. Mean they created troubles non other than that. Em... Now I know Gumanthong fear of Tibetan Buddhism