Friday, June 16, 2017

The House Of Affair (外遇之屋)

To the uninitiated, all houses look the same; not so in the eyes of a Feng Shui master. I will skip the theories as I want to tell you this story:

My friends, Eric and Jess are married couple that almost got divorced after moving to their new house two years ago. Luckily the culprit was found right before their divorce case was filed.

The couple bought a second hand house somewhere around Greenlane and I used to pay them a visit during the weekend.

During one of my visits, I found the house atmosphere wasn't quite right; something fishy was in the midst of the air. The facial expressions of Eric and Jess were grim, they were not smiling to say the least.

I tried to break the ice but since I felt that I was talking to a wall, I decided to excuse myself. Just as when I stood up from the sofa, Eric broke the silence:

"Sorry, Liew. It's not about you. Jess and I were having a fight over suspicion of affairs..."

I halted and stood dumb founded in the living room didn't know how to react. Then Jess continued: "When I returned from my work one evening, after I parked my car; I walked pass our bedroom window. There I saw the silhouette of a lady combing her hair in front of the makeup mirror.

I immediately rushed into the master room and only found Eric sleeping in the bed. After searching around, no lady was found. I thought I had been working too hard and dismiss it as my own hallucination.

Then a few weeks later, I found my newly brought makeup items were scattered on the makeup table. So, I demanded an explanation from Eric but he put the blame on me as not doing my own housekeeping.

Naturally, two incidents are no coincidence to me and I started a quarrel. After some hostility, we decided to settle down as both of us were tired.

Then one day, my 7 year old son rushed into the kitchen and screamed: "Mummy, I saw a naked lady in the bathroom..."

That has really done it! I took my smartphone and rushed into the bathroom in the hope to catch a photo of this culprit. But there were no one in the bathroom...

Naturally after one quarrel following another, none of us are having any good manners."

After Jest blasted what were hiding in her stomach, surprisingly speaking; the atmosphere become comer.

I asked permission to walk around the house and finally came to a conclusion: "The house must be haunted!"

"The culprit should be a dark complexion young female started to make her appearance between 5pm to 7pm."

Jess jumped out from her couch and screamed: "How do you know?"

"Simple. It is just I-Ching." I replied.

"What can we do?" Eric asked.

"Simple. Switch on the bedroom light after 4pm until daybreak until September is over. That's all you must do."

Eric nodded and said: "Well, no harm trying as no cost involved."

I met the couple in December that year and apparently, Jess has not seen the ghost again once the light is kept on.

There are many things we can learn from the old knowledge of our ancestors I supposed.

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