Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Monkey God Vs Headmaster (孙悟空斗校长)

When I was in Standard 5 (about 11 years old or so), one of my classmates, Beng was the medium of the famous Monkey God. He would boast his abilities in the class to a group of his admirers including me during rest times. 

To us, Beng was the reincarnation of gods to save us from the evil forces. Everyone wanted to get close of Beng at that time as according to Beng, he can make whoever he wants into 'god' with magical powers.

Even though I bagged Beng many times, he refused to bestow his magical power to me. I knew Beng was attached to a Taoist temple near our school as the medium of the Monkey God. This Monkey God would possess Beng's body every Thursday night to help the needy ones.

At that time, our school headmaster forbade the students to wander in the street after 7 p.m. So, I would quietly sneak out to watch the Monkey God in actions.

During one of those night visits to the temple, as I could recall...

As I watched attentively at the Monkey God in action, I felt my vision blurred and my head started to ache. After a while, my body trembled and that was what I could remember.

Later, when I regained consciousness; I saw a crowd was surrounding me. According to one of the senior medium, I was possessed by the Kid God (哪吒) just now. Apparently the Kid God has chosen me as His representative.

At this point, Beng approached me and congratulated me as we are now 'god-brothers' destined to save the world.

As spiritual mediums, our jobs were to perform rituals in the temple and at times, we also need to go out to do house blessings and participate in holy celebrations.

Unfortunately speaking, during one of those night processions, we were caught red handed by our headmaster...

Right after the morning assembly, Beng and I were summoned into the headmaster's office.
As you can imagine, both of us kids just stood in front of the headmaster's desk with our heads stooped listening to his great lectures.

As I was pretended to listen, I noticed Beng's body started to swing and suddenly I heard a shout scream beside me. Oh my God! The Monkey God has possessed Beng.

The headmaster suddenly halted his lecture and with his dropped jaw, he stared at Beng.

Beng continued to scream and then jumped onto the headmaster's desk just like a monkey. As soon as he was on the desk, Beng picked up headmaster's stationary and threw at the headmaster.

This sudden attack made the headmaster scrambled out of his office to seek help. I was somehow pulled to safety by the headmaster.

After the Monkey God had made much damage in the headmaster's office, the disciplinary teacher came to rescue.

Interestingly, the Monkey God said he was hungry and asked the disciplinary teacher to give him some bananas. Instead of bananas, the teacher gave the Monkey God a slipper. Which made the Monkey God to be furious and started to charge towards the disciplinary teacher.

Now it was the teacher's turn to take cover...

The commotion was finally brought into control when Beng's father was summoned to the school to bring Beng back to rest for the day under the reason of 'disturbed mind'.

I was somehow spared from further interrogations from the headmaster and teacher. Perhaps they too were stunned by the powerful Monkey God...

Of course, the headmaster then added another rule to his 10 commandments:

"No students are to participate in temple activities without permissions."

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  1. The monkey god looks more like a wild monkey in the forest rather than a deity