Thursday, June 29, 2017

Take Away (送外卖)

I would say that the below case is one of the most interesting ones I have come across over the years:

This event occurred in the end of 1989, the protagonist is the Chung Chung Restaurant of Tai Po Village.

One day, there was a phone call to order 4 take away meals to the west side of Tai Po Tin villa. So the waiter sent the meal order to the address as per the instruction. 

In front of the villa, the waiter pressed the doorbell. There he waited for a long time to have a person come and opened the door. After receiving the money, the waiter returned to the restaurant.

On the same night when the boss was closing his account, he found a few sheets of 'hell notes' hiding within other notes. Feeling frustrated, the boss called his workers to interrogate, but no one would admit having any knowledge of those 'hell notes'.

The next day, there was a phone call to send a takeaway; it was the same address as the previous day.
Again, on the evening during book closing, the boss found a few hell notes. The boss was furious, 

and he interrogated his workers, but he still has no clue. Finally, one of his worker told the boss about the take away orders. Though disbelieved, the boss decided that if the same order arrive again, he would send the take away personally.

Sure enough, on the third day, another take away was to be sent to the same address. This time, the boss decided to go outside to send the order himself.

At the location, the boss pressed the doorbell. The opened and someone in the villa paid the money. This time, the boss personally examined the money on hand is real enough. But for the sake of insurance, he put the banknotes in a separate box.

In the same evening, after the end of the business day, the boss as usual counted the banknotes received for that day. He took the cash out of the box but found that those money in the box has changed into hell notes!

Soaked in cold sweat, the boss decided to lodge a police report.

Upon received the boss's report, police officers went to the address to investigate. After they pressed the door bell many times but received no answer. They decided to break into the building.

After broken into the villa, the police found 4 dead bodies lying on the floor apparently died a few days ago.

Very strangely too, when the police investigators inquired the neighbors if they knew anything about the deaths, all of them unanimously said that none of them were aware because they could hear people talking loudly and playing mahjong in the house.

Later, according to forensic report, the cause of the deaths was over inhalation of carbon monoxide.
Interestingly, no one has any clues why those dead did not know they have died a few days back...














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