Sunday, June 11, 2017

Paper House

Paper house I refer to here is meant to be an offering to the death. It is a Chinese custom to burn paper houses and manikins to the deceased so that they too can live comfortably in the underworld.
Please withhold your scornful remarks and dismiss such custom as superstitious and hear my side of the stories first:

The first story came from a relative, Ann. 

A few years ago, Ann's relative ordered a paper house to be burnt to her late father. 

The paper house was first blessed by a Taoist and after some rounds of chanting, it was brought to the front of the old man's grave and burnt.

On that night, Ann's relative dreamed her pa came to her complaining that new house she gave to him were having 'roof leak'. 

During breakfast next morning, this relative related her dream to her big brother and surprisingly; he too had the same dream...

Both of the brother and sister decided to return to their old man's grave to investigate. To the astonishment of both of them, they found a corner of the paper house roof wasn't burnt completely perhaps due to wetness.

After some discussions, Ann's relatives decided to buy another house for their beloved pa. This time, they made sure that everything was burnt before leaving.

This time, their old man didn't give them any dreams. Perhaps the deceased can finally RIP.

The second story was told to me by a friend, Eric.

When Eric's mom passed away, he ordered a large paper mansion for her. 

During the dead ceremony, while the Taoist was chanting; Eric's 5 year old son was playing with his cousins. Accidentally, the child rammed into the paper mansion placed beside the main altar and broke a corner of the mansion.

Everyone thought it was okay and the mansion was subsequently burnt under the supervision of the taoit-in-charge.

On the same night, Eric dreamed of his late mom came to him and asked: "Why did you give me a broken house? It is now leaking!"

The dream made Eric awoke in the middle of the night and he couldn't sleep further. He waited until morning and told the story to his siblings. 

They decided to make another bigger mansion for their mom. None of them received any complaints ever since.

Do you believe in ghosts?


  1. I believe in ghost that always gossip and screw people from behind. That is the most horrible and scary ghost in the human realms.

  2. You know that you have to follow certain rules so the human find peace.Having ghost or not ghost doesn't matter. You do something to change that hallucination or subjective reality. I mean it is more useful you go and trample around when someone see ants and there is none.

    You also look into cupboards and under the bed or put a plushie into the bed of the kid, your goal is to take the fear, end the trauma and instill hope, either you beat it with logic from the objective reality or from the subjective reality.

    What is better? You know about ghost and someone dear is encountering it and you can try at least something, or do you sit there and just mock him while he slowly is put into the mad house and under drugs and electric shocks and away from you?

    Do we believe in ghost? No but we consider this as possibility and try to be prepared so we are prepare ourself even it is mental.
    Those who do not consider it are just fullify their desire because they know they will die in the end and there is nothing to come, they will try highest gratification and profit and drug their senses.

    They will say: Bring me a god I will shoot it, bring me a buddha I will kill him. You know religion is there to control the people and get profit from their naivity, look they only greed and desire, they destroy the planet and just know how to argue with each other.Ghost? When people are dead they are dead and stay dead. We live in a day of developed technical science. The only real dangers are human and natural disasters.
    Ghost,Gods and Buddha are only fictional.