Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Datuk Kong II

There are many stories about Datuk Kong that we can hear now and then:

A durian plantation owner, Wong wanted to expand his plantation, so he bought over a piece of land next to his one. During land clearing, one big old banyan tree was blocking his expansion work. Despite being warned by local folks that that tree was the dwelling place of infamous Datuk Hijau (Green Grandpa), Wong demanded the tree to be cleared.

On the first try, the bulldozer suddenly stalled for no apparent reasons just a few feet short of touching the banyan tree.

Wong ordered his worker to saw the tree instead, but the electric saw suddenly broke and the broken pieces flung and injured the worker.

Despite the second warning, Wong decided to jump onto the bulldozer and get the job done himself a few days later. 

This time, the bulldozer worked fine and just as the banyan tree was about to be pushed over, it suddenly toppled towards Wong and crashed Wong to dead.

Although, this was thought to be just a freak accident; people believed Wong's death has something to do with this Datuk Hijau.

I have seen an apparition believed to be Datuk Hijau that haunts the school compound during my school days. It was an annual event of my old school to hold holiday camps during long school breaks. 

One night as I was assigned as the night watch, I saw a green figure about 8~10 feet tall. 
So, I charged to it: "Who goes there?"

The figure turned to me with a smile. It was the figure of an old man with long beard. 

I was shocked and stood dumb founded. Before long, the tall figure vanished in front of me.

My friend, Mark also has a close encounter with a black-faced datuk when he was about 15 years old:
One evening, Mark and his gang was playing in a piece of empty land in front of his house. As he was playing, he felt someone was looking at him but he couldn't find anyone around. Then Mark felt that someone was blowing air into his ears and intermittently pulling his shirt.

He felt very frightened and started to run towards his house. As Mark approached his house, he turned his head and say a black-faced old man clad in long white robe waving his hands.

Later Mark found out that it was Datuk Hitam playing pranks at him.

Another friend, James who is managing a fish farm said that he believed that a Datuk Hijau haunts his farm. 

Once he saw a green-faced old man stood by the entrance of his fish farm and then vanished. 

Later Mark asked a medium friend to call up this spirit and was told that Datuk Hijau wanted a place to 'sit'. 

Mark is a businessman, he want no trouble. So, he complied with the demand and the green-faced figure had not reappear since.

I am sure you will have more stories about datuk to tell!

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  1. Obviously, datuk is an evil demon. Cause troubles to people until motive achieve to demand a shrine, foods, drinks continuous offering. Wondering, how come the Chinese always afraid of datuk wants to appease it whenever there is incident happened. For other races in difference religions, never care about such spirits. Their business still running smoothly and making huge profits. "ANG MOH" is a good example. For them is superstitious. For me, I will kick the ass