Sunday, June 25, 2017

Salt Selling @ Cemetery (坟场卖盐)

This is perhaps the most simple money magic specific to Singapore only. Of course, only those brave and desperate ones can perform this ritual.

According to local belief, ghosts need a large quantity of salt to prevent their bodies from further decomposing.

The method is the brave heart must first pack many small packets of salt to make sure that the salt supply will not stop. Otherwise, very things will happen.

Then before dusk, he/she must find a suitable place in the cemetery and squat down comfortably with his/her head stooped while waiting patiently for his/her potential 'customers'.

A note worthy thing is that this person must not raise his/her head or must he/she fall asleep too. In addition, he/she must not leave the cemetery before dawn; or his/her life would be in jeopardy.

In the event of transaction made, when the 'customers' put their money in the seller's hand and taking the salt; the seller must resist the temptation to peep at the 'customer's face (or very bad things will happen...)

Upon the first ray of morning sun, this salt seller must quickly pack up and picked up his 'hard earned' cash; and leave the cemetery before day breaks (or very bad things will happen...)

It is said that the money thus earn will not transform into 'hell notes' as the stories of mid-night taxi drivers.

Practically speaking, if you try this method in Singapore or Malaysia now a days; you may be robbed or be arrested in suspicion of drug addict! Of course, I could be wrong... Ha! Ha! Ha!

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