Saturday, June 24, 2017

Aunty Immortal Ho (何仙姑)

This Aunty Immortal Ho is not the Taoist Immortal Ho in Taoist belief system. But since Aunty Ho claimed to be the descendant of Taoist Ho, I will just take her words in respect of her divine status.

I come to know Aunty Ho in a Eric's house. It was then claimed that his house was being overtaken by 100 vampires (僵尸) and their leader is a centennial old master vampire (千年僵尸王).

I was there as a spectator as I heard that Aunty Ho is extremely powerful and that she could summon and order those high and mighty gods to serve her. This ability of hers is what I want to see as I felt so little compared to Aunty Ho.

So I was in Eric's house and Aunty Ho was already standing in the living room. She didn't have any ritual setups... just one male assistant behind her.


This assistant started to vomit: "Wackk.. wackk.."

Eric explained that when this gentleman 'sensed' the presence of evil spirits, he will start vomiting.
At the same time, Aunty Ho rushed to a corner and pointed her finger towards the corner and yelled into the air: "Don't think I cannot see you!"

"You don't challenge my authority! Do you think I don't dare to destroy you!?" She continued though I could see nothing and hear nothing.

Then Aunty Ho turned her head and spoke to the air again: "Jade Emperor, command your heavenly soldiers to kill them all!"

After a while, Aunty Ho held her hands in prayer's position and chanted some mantras.

We all stood in awe silently while holding our breaths watching Aunty Ho in action.

A few minutes later, Aunty Ho proclaimed: "Ah! I have finally destroyed this 1000 year old vampire king. He and his relatives will not trouble you anymore!"

Her assistant immediately came to Eric and protruded his hand, and said: "$1,000 please for your merit creation! We take cards too!"

I left Eric's house a little low in esteem thinking since I saw and felt nothing...

About one month later, Eric complaint to me that his problem has returned. He has tried to contact Aunty Ho but she said that she was too busy.

I couldn't resist Eric's nagging so I followed him back to his house with my compass.

After taking some readings, I found Eric's problems were due to flying star 2, 6 and 5. Further, his house was too dark and lacks good ventilation. No wonder the whole household was feeling sick and seeing things.

My solutions for Eric is cheap and simple of course. But I decided not to inform him since he did not believe me in the first place.

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