Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Haunted Rangsit University

Rangsit University is located in Bangkok, Thailand and it is believed to be pretty haunted because the university is located in swamp area and that the university is surrounded by many abandoned houses. People believe that swamp area is not so auspicious and that empty houses attract ghosts.

There are many ghost stories concerning Rangsit University but I only have two in hand:

1. The lift of the 3rd school building

It is said that the 3rd school building is the oldest building of the Rangsit University.

The lift of the school building functions perfectly normal, but this lift always give troubles upon night fall. The weird thing is that this lift will never arrive at the correct floor after dark. For example if you press on the button of the 6th floor, this lift will never get to the 6th floor; instead you may be brought to the 5th floor or somewhere else. 

My friend's son once attended night class in the 5th floor of that building and he was the last one who left the class.Everything was perfectly normal as he waited in front of the lift lobby.

When the lift came, he entered and pressed the 'G' button to go down to the groundfloor. The lift descended as normal at first but stopped at L2. So he thought that no harm done to walk two floors down.

Since the lift didn't move, he walked out of the lift compartment and in front of him was a total darkness.

The young man became scared and he wanted to go back to the lift but the door had closed. Given no choice, he continued to walk in pitch dark and he saw a small candle flame floating in the air in front of him.

Somehow enchanted by this candle light,my friend's son continued to walk and walk...

Suddenly he felt pain on his cheeks as if something was slapping him hard.And then he heard the voice of someone yelling from afar to near: "Hello! Hello!"

Gradually he saw the face of a man in security officer uniform in front of him. Before he could ask, the security officer asked: "Young man, what are you doing walking round and round on ground floor? And why are you running when I asked you to stop!?"

Staring at the young man's blank face, the security guard brought him to the university clinic for a precautionary checkup.

The young man was then picked up by his father a few hours later. He told me his bizarre encounter. I told him this is called the 'ghost maze'and he was lucky as didn't fell over the 5th floor! 

Many people claimed to have seen the reflection of a lady in white inside of the lift compartment in dark but there is no mirror in the lift. Perhaps the lady in white has played a joke on my pal's son?

2. The female toilet of the 5th school building

This is a real case. Many years ago, a lady student was being dragged by her boyfriend out from examination hall into the toilet. After an extended quarrel, her boyfriend gunned down the poor girl and then he too committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Since the incident, passerby would hear the noise of people quarrel and followed by a few gunshot sound.

If a person is lucky, then he would be able to see the shadow of a man dragging the girl into the toilet.

Some lady students claimed to have seen the reflection of a long haired lady appeared in the toilet mirror when they were washing their hands.This reflection seemed to beg for help and when the students turned their head, there wasn't anyone at their back. When they look into the mirror again, the image was gone.

Perhaps that was the restless spirit of the murdered poor girl?

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