Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another Case Of Paper Effigy (纸扎公仔)

There are some words just best to be kept alone. For example, one should not comment on a tombstone unnecessarily.

The below story is told to me by Uncle Tan, who was a 'saikong' or Taoist specializing in deliverance service.

One of his friend, Ah Beng assisted Uncle Tan in a funeral rite some 10 years ago.

When Uncle Tan was blessing a paper made maid, Ah Beng suddenly jokingly said: "Did you aware that the body feature of this paper maid is very sexy?"

Around 12 midnight, the funeral rite ended for that day and everyone returned to their homes except the host.

Ah Beng lived in a HDB flat. He waited in front of the lift and just as when the lift door opened, a beautiful lady came along and both of them entered the lift.

In the lift compartment, Ah Beng stared lustfully at the pretty lady.

Now that the lift has reached the 9th floor and the lady still yet to press the floor button. Feeling strange, Ah Beng looked at the lady's face and asked where she intended to go.

At this point, the face of the pretty lady turned into the face of the paper maid that Ah Kow had jokingly referred to.

A few hours later, unconscious Ah Kow was found by a security guard who went out for rounds.
The next day,Uncle Tan brought Ah Kow to the front of the paper effigy to apologize.

Even though the paper maid has not reappear since, Ah Kow had become some how insane and he constantly talked to thin air in front of him.

I have seen Ah Kow at a later date and didn't find any spirits near him. Perhaps Ah Kow has in fact scared himself into madness.

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