Saturday, June 10, 2017

Magic Is Not Free

In fact, nothing in this world is free.

Many people contacted me to get 'free' rituals and instructions but they are not aware that there are hidden costs to pay. The hidden costs do not necessarily in monetary terms. They could be an extra efforts that the so-called magicians must take to get what they wished for, or even life or death matters.

We often come across stories where people made a pact with the devil and they had to sacrifice something they valued most to the devil. Perhaps there is a moral to these types of stories too.

 I am not joking, let's take my own example and you will see...

About 20 years ago, I asked for a girl friend and 20 years later; I have a Japanese girl friend. There is one catch however: This Japanese lady does not speak Chinese or English, and I don't speak Japanese for sure.

So, for the past 6 months or so, I spent a lot of money and effort to learn Japanese. And, learning Japanese in Penang is a headache problem: There is just one Japanese conversation class active and one basic class costs around MYR500!

As of to date, I have spent thousands of dollars and with the help of my girl; I managed to understand the basic of Japanese language.

That is not the end of the story folks!

If we are to get together, then I must think of moving to Japan to stay with her there. That will be another huge task indeed. I still don't know how to solve this seemingly unsolvable equation as yet. So, I would pray and let it be in the good hands of magic and face whatever consequences.

Coming back to the costs I must bear: money spent over 20 years of rampant try on girls plus the fees on Japanese language and the costs of living in Japan! So, who says magic is 'free'?

For those folks wanting 'free' magic, please think twice before embarking into asking a 'favor' from magic.

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  1. Uh that is kind frustrating. First need to wait 20 years, then you get a lady where you need to change.

    I do not know how the asian style of partnership is since in the west it should be on almost equal terms and rights on both side with a little bit of more of gentleman on male side a bit more lenient on silly behaviour on female side and freedom for hobby and friends on both side and household.
    There is a freedom on believe which has to be respected while there is goal in sharing a goal else you can forget the partnership as one sided love will go into catastrophe. It is also to be reminded that getting a partnership doesn't ensure you can keep it.

    Magic create 'chances' like if you make amuletts you change your frequency and your thoughts and mood to see your enviroment in a different view
    which affect you choices and behaviour which again draw attention of other beings and people to you.

    You are also confronted with more 'choices'. Maybe you prefer to not use magic and never get the chance to get a girlfriend and die alone?

    Did you know that magic did little effect if you haven't the fate for it? Or if you fate is actually not favouring what you wish?

    You already told in a post about cursing and love magic only for 7 days and now you talk about 20 years you put effort of 'rampant'. I hope you reflect on yourself.

    A bit of advise : Romance is only fantasy which only exist since the 14 century. It is about creating offspring and mating and enlarging of resources and territory of two clans . It is about being attractive, having resources,similarity, being a good parent to have genetic advantage and the choices depends on the confidence of the partner.

    The partner demands more if he feel more precious than you. Go and read about 'mate control', else you fall into the trap of you biological made up.
    You really do have spots open in your psychology hobby.

    Do not go blind because of love into a relationship. She demands something then she has to give something back, its a partnership not the welfare or master slave relathionship.

    Also I am pretty astonished that with so much magic years of expirience you can not go and ask for advice from the other spirit side and get different opinion from human also.

    It is a big matter to change a country and know no language. It is not about free or cheap or expensive : Do you 'buy' it? If you desire it you want to buy it right? Because you want to 'have' it right? Want and have are two of the signs to create cycles of suffering, buddhist as well, taoist as well, as far I understood.

    If she can only japanese then I feel that she lacking education, a country where you go school for 14 hours and you can not speak english?

    Oh and don't get the idea that you alone must learn japanese, suffer and sacrifice 'alone', what is that for a worldview about how a male is? You have Kanji/chinese symbols and write it down on cards and combine them as you need. If she can not read Kanji then you really have to be careful... you don't get someone who just use you for feeding her and taking of responsibility for her life.

    As well think about.... what if you break up? While it cost to go there and learn a language (well at least you have a expirience, mages doesnt fear challenges and confrontation from life).
    Consider this as additional fee you may need to pay. Marriages where you stay till you die does not exist so much anymore.

    Love is just desire if it is not filled with 'compersion'(You need to google that Mr.Liew)
    People all talk about compassion but nobody talk about compersion which is the key to unconditional love. Use this to reflect it on your decisions on your relationship to have a healthy relationship, since having one is nice, but developing one is consider hard work, awareness as a licence allow for entrance but ones own behaviour and decision decide if one can stay in a company. A familiy is like a small company.