Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Uang Balik: Money Return

There are many versions of “uang balik” ritual in SEA magical world. The purpose of “uang balik” is that every time you spent the money, the money will automatically return to you. In this way, you will have unlimited amount of cash to spend.

Let us look into two of the rituals:

1.      “Uang Balik” using a split tail lizard

a.       Prepare two bank notes $10 with consecutive numbering.

b.      Get yourself a split tail lizard.

c.       Take a needle and poke the first tail, draw some blood and smear on the first banknote. Now, poke the second tail and do the same to the second banknote.

d.      Find yourself a river, bury one of the banknotes and light a stick of incense. Bury another banknote on the opposite bank of the first banknote. Again, light another incense to mark the location.

e.       If your ritual is successful, one of the banknotes will fly from its place to get to the other one.

f.       Use the one that has flown to buy things and it will return to you.

2.      “Uang Balik” using small frogs

a.       As before, use two banknotes.

b.      Catch two frogs that are mating on Thursday.

c.       Tie the couple and draw some blood from the frogs.

d.      Smear the blood of the male frog on to banknote with the preceding number; smear the blood of the female frog on the following number.

e.       The frogs are then kept inside a container after maghrib prayer and buried at an isolated location.

f.       The banknotes are then put on the burial site and covered with a black cloth.

g.      Burn black incense during the ritual. The burning of incense cannot be interrupted throughout.

h.      Recite “Ruh nugrahing kuoso mlebuo ono ing papan panggonmu” 144x.

i.        Followed by reciting “bismillah” until 6-7am.

j.        After the ritual, the money can be used. Use the denomination with a larger serial number in your wallet while the one with lesser serial is used to buy things.

k.      The taboo is that you must keep the ritual a secret.


  1. Hello !

    Now it get's REALLY INTRESTING...

    Ok, a few questions of mine...

    1.) Could you use a bill of the denomination and currency of your coice ?

    Instead of "10 $" as written in the Ritual...for example 100 EURO, 500 € or so ??

    2.a) How often will the bill you spend come back to you per day ??

    10 ? 100 ? 1000 !? times

    Are there any "limits" ?

    b.) How many rituals could you "theoretically" make for yourself ? For example, if i would buy myself a "frog-farm", could i make "unlimited" "uang balik's" bills/bank notes ?

    c.) Does such a bill have an "expiry date" ? Or do they last "forever" ? (as long as the currency is still valid)

    3.) Wouln'd you damge the shop owner with such practices ? And what's with bad karma ?
    I be hones it is a mor elegant form of "stealing" some way...

    Thank you for your precious time !

    Emir M.

    1. Hello,

      (1)Hahaha.. u dun wanna to be too greedy. Basically any amount is fine. Having said so, u dun wanna to spoilt a large denomination do u?

      (2)Basically, it takes time for d bill to come back. Some say dat u can only use d bill twice a week. It is normally one bill per person per life time.. or until d bill expires.

      (3)Yes. It is out right stealing. But for some instances like for a very poor guy to survive, if he steals $2 per day...

      Thank you for visiting.


    2. Dear Mr. Liew !

      1.) Nothing to do with beeing greedy. I just wanted to know this from a "theoretical" point of view.

      2.) ok, i understand..

      3.) Well. I thing you are right here...

      Thank you for answering so fast !

      Emir M.

  2. just a simple question on method 1 and 2 mr liewsp1.

    for method 1, where could we get or find a split tail lizard?

    for method 2, how can we know the frog is mating on thursday? furthermore, how to find?


    1. for method 1: you can catch a cicak, take a needle and poke a small hole in the cicak's tail. After a week or two, it will grow a second tail.

      for method 2: frogs mate everyday. U can ask the frog catcher for that; ask the aquarium owner as they are buying frogs for their ikan kelisa.

  3. for method 1, do you need to recite any incantation?

  4. No need. But better to perform a solat hajat before the ritual.

  5. for method 2, how to know the ritual had succeed? the incense must be burned non-stop all night without fail?