Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Millionaire Ritual: Foundation Of Life (生基)

The location selected must comply with good Feng Shui principles, free from strong winds and clean.


The “foundation of life ritual” is believed to be derived from ancient witchcraft thousands of years ago. The Feng Shui Master Yang of Tang Dynasty improvised it and combined with Feng Shui practice and hence this became one of the Taoist de facto methods of improving one’s luck.


This method must be carried out on an auspicious day.


First get some personal effects of the person whom requested this ritual to be performed: hairs, finger and toe nails, dirty clothing and one drop of his or her blood.


You will also need representatives of 5 elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.


Now make use of your Feng Shui knowledge to find an auspicious spot that fits for a millionaire. Dig a hole and place all of the above items into a ceramic urn and then into the hole.


Care must be taken to avoid this ceramic urn being tainted by feces or urine within a period of 49 days after the ritual. If this happens, then the person will experience extreme bad luck. The effectiveness of such ritual is 3 years. 

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