Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Magical Arts Of Untying Ropes

What would you do if you are being tied down by a rope?

Today’s escape artists go to great length to learn rope untying techniques just to amaze their audiences. Rope untying techniques are nothing new and it was widely used by people from all walk of lives; especially for the thieves and robbers to escape from being tied down by the authority.


Below ritual is meant to train a person to escape from rope and also hand cuffs. This is the first time such information is published in public and in English. If you are inspired by how a Ninja can escape from being heavily tied by thick ropes, then this art is definitely for you.


The person must first receive permission from a Taoist master, then memorize the below mantra:






After that draw the below talisman 1 time, recite the mantra 1 time for a total of 49 times. Repeat the ritual for 49 days.


You can perform an initial try on the effect of this spell by tying yourself then recite the mantra 49 times. If you are unsuccessful at the first try, bow three times to your master and try again. It is best to wait for 21 days for further trial if you are still unsuccessful. Upon successful mastering this escaping technique, you are only allowed to use this spell once every 21 days time.

Again, this posting is for your reading purpose only. Try at your own risks.

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