Sunday, October 28, 2012

Absorbing Energy Of Tao

A Taoist utilises many type of training method to increase his or her personal energy for healing or for personal supernatural power developments. Amongst these methods, the quickest way to increase one’s power is to absorb more power from another power source.


The below ritual will enable a person to absorb additional energy from a steady power source (anything excluding the thunder and lightning) and it is best to be practised in an open space, on top of a hill, in the woods or seaside. First imagine that you are standing in the centre of the above patterns. Then think of the outer five concentric circles and recite the below mantra:


“First I unite with people, second I unite with earth, third I unite with heaven, and fourth I unite with Tao, fifth I unite with the nature.”




You must try to imagining that you are drawing in all of the clean and pure energies in the universe into your “dan tian”. Then hold your breath and recite the below mantra:




“Li, Zhi, Huo, Tian, Zun, Sheng.”


After that, release all the energies back to the universe, releasing along is all of the bad auras, diseases, bad lucks.


You may practise this energy drawing exercise for 12, 24 or 49 repetitions. But avoid going beyond 49 repetitions as too much energy may be harmful for a beginner.


This method is very similar to the “Star Position” in Western Magic.


  1. Dear Arjan Perng

    I have try this method using Wu Wei.
    It take some time until the structure above
    has build up and they serve to distance
    any other presence , which come back after ending the ritual.

    I didnt recommend to overdo this as I felt pressure in the liver and each breath would charge the whole body despite of Dantien awareness, it is like the feeling of holding to ends of several battery connected together.

    With natural I have 24 repetitions to natural end this "Absorbing Energy of Tao".
    The body becomes light and easier to move.
    As well the pressure in the liver ends when I state my intent to end this ritual.

    I need also a bit of understanding of the Mantra :
    "Elegant, Excellent, popular, celestial,
    respect, victory." (characteristic)
    "Rare Beast, royal degree, Fire, Heaven,
    Ancestor, those who are better." (conjuring)

    Or do you have other meaning teached and what is choosed?


    1. Dear innerknowledge,

      Seems the energy is only concentrated in your liver area. You should lead the energy in the following ways:

      lever -> heart -> spleen -> lungs -> kidneys -> dantian.

      That should relief the pressure.

      The first part of the mantra means to 'praise', the second part 'to call' the four beasts: dragon, tiger, red bird and tortise + snake for protection and the heavenly fire to clean.


  2. Dear Arjan Perng,

    thank you for your adivice and the elaboration on
    the meaning of the mantra. The pressure has gone