Thursday, October 11, 2012

Body Snatch Method (奪舍法)

Body snatching method is practiced in many magical traditions: the western, the Taoist and Tantric practices. To be honest, I think this is in fact the "possession by the living" instead of "possession by the dead".


Basically there are two type of body snatching method:


·         Life body snatching

o   The original soul of a person or animal is controlled and make used while the person or animal is still alive.

o   This is the most common method in taking over a living body; this is the same concept as a spirit possession. It can be done by anyone who can perform astral travel.

o   The purpose is pretty simple: to control the thought of a person, to kill the person or to have astral sex with the person you desires.

·         Dead body snatching

o   A dead body has no soul, so a magician will use his soul to revitalize a dead body.

o   This type of method required the transference of a person’s soul into a corpse to revitalize it.

o   The basic training is to draw a syllable ‘HUM’ on top of a half human skull on a black wall. The practitioner then meditates and concentrates on the ‘HUM’ until his soul really attached to the ‘HUM’. The next step is to find a dead body and do the same until the body is successfully revitalized.

o   If the practitioner wants to discard his body, he can look for a younger dead body and transfer his consciousness into this new body and continue with his new life.

o   I heard the Tibetan Ningmapa gurus were once expert in this field. Lama Norna used this method once to revitalize the body of a disciple’s wife so that they can meet for a short while. Other than that, I have not heard of other examples.

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